Ruffwear and its Original Quencher Dog Bowl Turn 20

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first_imgWhat started as a simple request from a friend is now celebrating 20 years of revolutionizing the way we play outside with our four-legged friends. While trying to give her dog Moqui a drink, Patrick Kruse’s friend Liz emptied half of her water bottle into a plastic bag and held it while the Rhodesian Ridgeback took a few slurps. Moqui then walked away and Liz was left holding a bag she couldn’t set down and she didn’t want to dump what was left back into her water bottle.That was 1992; Kruse was a kayaker and small business owner designing paddle sports apparel and accessories as part of Salamander Paddle Gear. With his experience in technical fabrics and design, he set out to build a waterproof bowl that would pack small for outdoor adventures. After 16 months of research, development, and testing, The Quencher dog bowl was created — the first known collapsible waterproof fabric dog bowl.The Quencher accompanied Patrick and Salamander to Outdoor Retailer in the summer of 1994. Set out on a table at the front of Salamander’s booth, the collapsible waterproof fabric bowl drew crowds, and a buyer at L.L. Bean placed an order for 8,000 units, setting in motion the official launch of Ruffwear and a new outdoor product category to enhance and inspire outdoor adventures for dogs and their human companions.“I had no idea that designing a collapsible waterproof bowl for outdoor-loving dogs would grow into a brand offering a full range of products,” said Kruse, founder/product development for Ruffwear. “Over the years we’ve listened to our customers and let them determine where we head next.”The driving force behind Ruffwear’s designs has always been solving problems — such as how to hydrate and feed your dog in the backcountry (Quencher Dog Bowl); how to protect paws from rough terrain(Summit Trex); and how to keep water-loving dogs safe (K-9 Float Coat). By combining technology, quality, fit, function and safety, the brand continues to evolve and lead in meeting the demands of adventurous canines.Ruffwear is committed to preserving open lands and waterways through partnerships with The Conservation Alliance and regional grassroots organizations. Based in Bend, Oregon, Ruffwear is available through specialty pet and outdoor retailers and at

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first_imgNAFCU Executive Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel Carrie Hunt last night urged the leaders of Congress to raise the member business lending cap under the Federal Credit Union Act.Hunt sent the letter on the heels of the NCUA Board’s approval Thursday of a final MBL rule that removes regulatory provisions not called for by law. The rule does not alter the federal statutory cap on credit union member business lending under the FCU Act.“Currently, credit unions have a 12.25% asset cap on their member business lending (MBL), with loans of only $50,000 or less exempt from this cap,” Hunt wrote. “Passed in 1998, these arbitrary thresholds are severely outdated and have not increased with inflation.”Hunt noted that NAFCU supports several pieces of legislation that would provide credit unions relief from the cap, including the “Credit Union Residential Loan Parity Act” (S. 1440/H.R. 1442), the “Credit Union Small Business Jobs Creation Act” (H.R. 1188), and the “Small Business Lending Enhancement Act” (S. 2028). continue reading » 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

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first_imgTrump has rejected recent demands to rename US military bases bearing the names of Confederate officers.Rising tensions Tensions between Trump and the military had soared since he threatened to call out active duty troops to put down sometimes violent protests when racial turmoil broke out recently.Defense Secretary Mark Esper took the exceptional step of publicly denouncing such use of the troops.And Esper’s predecessor,  James Mattis, accused Trump of deliberately dividing the country and making “a mockery” of the US constitution.On Thursday, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said he regretted his presence at Trump’s side on June 1, when National Guard troops fired smoke bombs and pepper balls to clear peaceful protestors from outside the White House so the president could walk across and pose for pictures at a nearby church.”I should not have been there,” said Milley, adding that his presence “created a perception of military involvement in domestic politics.”Trump later derided Mattis, a respected retired marine corps leader, as “our country’s most overrated general.”Battling for reelection The fracture in civil-military relations hung over Trump’s address to the cadets at the picturesque West Point campus, situated in green hills north of New York City.The president clearly wants to be seen as a tough leader as he battles for reelection in November against Democrat Joe Biden, whom Trump labels “weak.”The academy had been shut and students sent home because of the coronavirus pandemic. But Trump abruptly announced in April that he would address the graduates in person.So cadets were recalled and put through weeks of COVID-19 quarantine and testing. They wore masks as they marched onto the field; Trump, as usual, did not.Asked in a Fox News interview that aired Friday about Esper and Milley, Trump replied, “If that’s the way they feel, I think that’s fine.””I have good relationships with the military,” he said. But Trump’s strains with the Pentagon have long roots.Deeper strains He controversially overrode top Pentagon generals in 2019 to protect a Navy Seal, Eddie Gallagher, accused of war crimes.He also forced the Pentagon to divert billions of dollars from other projects to build a wall along the border with Mexico.And his precipitous efforts to withdraw US troops from abroad — including a reported plan to slash troop levels in Afghanistan and an abrupt decision to pull thousands of troops from Germany — have upended Pentagon plans.Topics : Trump’s closest mention came when he said, “I also want to thank the men and women of our National Guard” for responding to “challenges from hurricanes and natural disasters to ensuring peace, safety and the constitutional rule of law on our streets.”The president, who was introduced by the academy’s first black superintendent, Lieutenant General Darryl Williams, also referred only passingly to the nation’s racial challenges.”The army was at the forefront of ending the terrible injustice of segregation,” he said, and it was West Point graduates who led the fight in the Civil War to “end the evil of slavery.”Trump did not mention that one West Point barracks still bears the name of General Robert E. Lee, who led the break-away Confederate forces during that war, which brought an end to slavery.  President Donald Trump on Saturday addressed the new graduating class of the West Point military academy, praising the “righteous glory of the American warrior” but largely side-stepping recent controversies over racial unrest and the military’s role in putting it down.  “America is the greatest country in human history,” Trump told the 1,107 newly minted second lieutenants as they sat, well-spaced, under a bright sun on the parade ground of the US Military Academy. But he made no direct mention of the recent racial turmoil and only glancingly referred to recent dissent from top military figures over his threat to employ active duty troops to put down protests.last_img

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