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first_imgAnna5Early,dessert (red blush)A Mollie’sDelicious3,4Fresh,sauce and piesB Redgold1,2,3 DessertB VarietiesZoneUsesPollinationCode Priscilla1,2,3Sub-aciddessertC DorsettGolden5Early,dessert (yellow)A Jerserymac1,2,3Fresh,sauce and piesB Yates1,2,3,4Small,subacid, mellow, juicyB OzarkGold1,2,3Dessert(yellow)C Several types of tree fruit can be grown in Georgia. Some of the more popular for the home orchard are apples, pears, peaches, plums and nectarines. For a successful orchard, you need to plan way ahead.All of these fruits require good sites, pollination, pest control and maintenance. The best site is one with plenty of sunlight, air drainage and good soil structure and chemistry.Plant your trees where they will get the most sunlight. If you plant them in rows, orient them north to south.Put them, too, where cold air will drain away from them on frost nights. Cold air drains downhill, so put fruit trees on top of a hill on a southeastern-facing slope. If the area is flat, put them where cold air can drain away unblocked by bordering woods.Well-drained SoilThe soil should be well-drained. A sandy loam to sandy clay loam is best. Have soil samples analyzed for nematodes and pH. Add lime to bring the soil to a pH of 6.5. Your county extension agent can help with this. Now is the best time to analyze the soil for next year’s orchard planting.Select varieties that will do well in your specific climate. Georgia has two systems for designating hardiness zones.U.S. Department of Agriculture zones in the state range from 6b (the coldest) to 8b. These are most often used by nurseries and seed catalogues. Georgia designations range from 1 (the coldest) to 5. These are used in University of Georgia Extension Service bulletins about tree fruit production.Protect PollinatorsPollen is moved by wind and insects. Bees and other pollinators improve the pollination of most fruit trees, so protect them. Don’t spray insecticides when they’re working the flowers.Fruit trees are either self-fruitful or self-unfruitful. The latter group requires pollination from a different but compatible variety known as a pollinizer. Peaches and nectarines don’t require pollinizers, but apples, pears and plums do.Many apple varieties can be grown in Georgia. They are listed in the chart below with their planting zones and pollination codes. Stayman must be matched with a male fertile member of group C to produce fruit.Pears, Fire BlightSelect pears based on their susceptibility to fire blight. A number of Asian and hybrid pears are grown in Georgia. Asian pears have to be planted with another compatible pear variety.There are hundreds of peach varieties to choose from. Select them based on planting zone and harvest date. The ideal variety requires so many hours of chilling that it breaks dormancy, blooms and sets fruit when the danger of frost is over. Of course, most varieties aren’t ideal.A few nectarine varieties are also available. However, the lack of fuzz makes the fruit more susceptible to insects and diseases.Several new plum varieties have been developed for the Southeast. They generally have very low chill requirements and thus flower at about the same time. Plant them along with a different variety for pollination. Applesfor Georgia RedDelicious1,2,3,4Sweet,fresh, or saladsB Stayman1,2,3Tart,all-purposeC-sterile Best RootstockPlant Carefully *To determine compatible pollinizing pairs, match the letter codes. GoldenDelicious1,2,3,4Sub-acid,yellow, all purposeC GrannySmith1,2,3,4All-purpose(yellow green)Clast_img

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Saint Mary’s TOMS Club informs students about blindness worldwide

first_imgOn Thursday, Saint Mary’s participated in a global event known as World Sight Day. The Saint Mary’s TOMS Club, under the leadership of club president Emerald Blankenship, hosted the event.“The whole premise of World Sight Day is to raise awareness of global blindness and to get people involved, to make people aware of what they can do to contribute to the solution,” Blankenship said.To promote World Sight Day, the TOMS Club set up a table in the Student Center Atrium with information on blindness in different parts of the world and what students can do to help. The club also let students try on goggles that simulated what it’s like to have cataracts, Blankenship said.“Cataracts [are] the leading cause of blindness globally and [they] can actually be fixed with a 15-minute surgery,” Blankenship said. “So you see, it’s just getting people to be aware. People who have sight don’t realize what it’s like for people who don’t.”Students shared their pictures from World Sight Day under the hashtag “#givesight” and were also invited to wear sunglasses throughout the day to spread the word about the event, she said.“It’s a conversation piece,” Blankenship said. “People ask, ‘Why are you wearing your sunglasses at 7 p.m. in the evening?’ You can reply ‘Well you see, there’s this really cool thing called World Sight Day…’“It’s a way to initiate conversation,” she said.This is the second academic year for the TOMS Club as a recognized club on campus, and their second World Sight Day. The TOMS Club has a direct connection to the TOMS Company, Blankenship said.“The TOMS mission is one-for-one,” Blankenship said. “Originally they started out as ‘buy a pair of shoes, give a pair to a child in need in a developing country.’ They then expanded that to eyewear, so when you buy a pair of TOMS sunglasses someone in a developing country will receive perspective glasses, corrective surgery or medical treatment in general for their vision.”Since then, TOMS has also expanded to selling coffee, which provides clean drinking water and has added a bag line which provides safe birthing kits to women, Blankenship said. However, World Sight Day is not necessarily about promoting the TOMS company, she said.“World Sight Day is a global movement through the TOMS community,” Blankenship said. “It is a day to raise awareness and make people more socially aware of the things they can do to make a difference.”Tags: blindness, TOMS, TOMS Clublast_img

Rape reported to NDSP

first_imgA rape was reported Wednesday to Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP), according to its crime log published Thursday.The alleged rape occurred between 7 p.m. Aug. 28 and 10 a.m. Aug. 29 in Keough Hall, according to the entry.Students did not receive an email crime alert from NDSP alerting them that a report had been filed.“No timely warning was issued because the assault occurred two weeks before it was reported,” University spokesperson Dennis Brown said in an email to the Observer. Additionally, the crime log reported an update to an alleged rape that occurred Aug. 5. in the Fischer graduate student apartments. The alleged rape, originally reported to a University administrator Aug. 16, has since been reported to the St. Joseph’s County Police, according to the update.Information about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault are available online from NDSP and from the Committee for Sexual Assault Prevention (CSAP).Tags: NDSP, NDSP crime log, sexual assaultlast_img

US Helps Improve Guatemalans’ Lives

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo November 04, 2020 The United States government, through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), announced the donation of $7 million to the Trifinio Plan, to be used in four new and existing projects in Guatemalan municipalities that share borders with El Salvador and Honduras. The plan intends to carry out security, justice, and cross-border crime prevention projects.Then U.S. ambassador to Guatemala, Luis Arreaga, made the announcement on September 29, 2020, together with Guatemalan Vice President Guillermo Castillo Reyes. The Trifinio Plan, a regional body that is part of the Central American Integration System, seeks to improve living conditions in border communities. The Trifinio region consists of 45 municipalities: 15 in Guatemala, eight in El Salvador, and 22 in Honduras, the Salvadoran newspaper Diario CoLatino reported on June 2.Ambassador Arreaga, who ended his diplomatic tenure in September, reaffirmed his commitment to support the Trifinio Plan mission to “reduce violence and migration levels, especially among young people who are agents of social change and transformation.” During his presentation, he thanked Vice President Castillo “for his dedication to improving the lives of all Guatemalan citizens.”The U.S. government will fund two offices of the State Secretariat against Sexual Violence, Exploitation, and Trafficking in Persons (SVET, in Spanish). Human trafficking continues to be a significant problem for Guatemala. In 2019, authorities detected 596 cases of victims of human trafficking, the Guatemalan website Efeminista reported on July 6.The U.S. effort will also finance the opening of a regional office in Chiquimula, aimed at providing alternatives for young people in conflict with the law, the U.S. Embassy said in a statement on September 29. “About 200 young people per year will receive rehabilitation, so that they can reintegrate successfully into their community and contribute to prosperity,” the Embassy said.Furthermore, the statement indicated, the U.S. will continue to support border security projects in collaboration with the Guatemalan Ministry of the Interior through technology, infrastructure, and training at ports of entry, to curb narcotrafficking and smuggling into the country, while facilitating legitimate trade and strengthening overall border security.“It has been proven that organized criminal groups take advantage of those countries and geographic areas with weak institutions and leadership,” Sandy Recinos, SVET director, said. “Transnational organized crime is one of the […] greatest threats to world stability, since it is a problem that has been increasing in recent years.”U.S. financial support will favor the socioeconomic empowerment of women, youth, and indigenous communities, with feasible and substantive opportunities for these populations to prosper in their own communities, the Embassy statement highlighted.last_img

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