Garden Killer.

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first_img Finally, Reeves shows a tree trunk on which hundreds of holes have appeared. It’s the handiwork of the yellow-bellied sapsucker. Squash vine borers are disgusting veggie killers in your garden. But on “The Georgia Gardener” July 29 and 31, host Walter Reeves shows how to turn the tables. Reeves talks with University of Georgia horticulturist Wayne McLaurin on how to identify and control squash vine borers. Call “The Georgia Gardener” toll-free number!* 1-877-GAGROWS *center_img They also visit a tire tower where they’ve been growing Irish potatoes. They find the potatoes — and a nasty surprise, too. “The Georgia Gardener” is especially for Georgia gardeners, airing Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. on GPTV. It’s a production of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and PFC Holding Company.last_img

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Life under the lights and in the lab

first_imgThis is one in a series of profiles showcasing some of Harvard’s stellar graduates. Read our full Commencement coverage.There’s a good chance that Elizabeth Leimkuhler ’15 is the only college student who has appeared on reality television and performed cutting-edge research on octopuses.The talented actress, who after graduating from Harvard College will head to Broadway, said her love for the stage and her interest in science complemented each other perfectly during her undergraduate years.“I realized biology is the study of life, literally,” she said, “and theater and acting is the study of what it means to be alive.”Leimkuhler has been breathing life into many roles since she arrived on campus. Her strong singing voice landed her parts in Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club musicals, student-led operas at Dunster House, and in the a capella group KeyChange. She also starred as the tyrannical teacher in the one-woman show “Miss Margarida’s Way,” where she saw that acting “wasn’t just a byproduct of having to sing.”An obsessed animal fan (a life-size stuffed panda sits on her bed), her organismic and evolutionary biology concentration let her revel in the beauty of living things. Recent summers have been devoted to science. She studied Darwin at Oxford and octopuses in Italy. The latter project unfolded along the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, where she worked with the “incredibly intelligent creatures.” But studying animals in captivity, she realized, “wasn’t something I wanted to pursue.”Her two passions carried her through Harvard, though last fall she began to worry about her post-graduation plans. Then her parents encouraged her to do what she loved. “I realized at that moment that I had to commit,” she said. “I couldn’t see myself being truly happy other than performing. Nothing else can bring me that same joy.”She found nourishment in Harvard’s student-driven extracurricular theater scene. This year, in addition to performing in several productions, Leimkuhler was vice president of Harvard College Opera, where she worked behind the scenes. The hands-on approach will serve her well in one of the most competitive cities anywhere.“I am going to move to New York, find some friends, and just make theater wherever you can make it,” she said. “I’ll follow the Harvard model: making theater from the ground up.”Leimkuhler already knows that the casting process is competitive. As a freshman she auditioned for the short-lived reality show “Duets,” and a chance to sing with John Legend. She missed the final cut, but she didn’t mind. “I just wanted to go back to school, to all my friends,” she told a Connecticut newspaper. “I was missing a lot of fun.”For Leimkuhler, enjoying what she does is paramount. When her parents asked if she had a backup plan, she considered telling them she would set aside her acting dreams if she hadn’t made it by age 30. “But then I realized that’s giving up, and I don’t want to do that,” she said. “I don’t want to, at age 30, give up on what really makes me happy.”last_img

David Van Asselt’s A Fable Officially Bows

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on June 28, 2014 A Fable takes into question how each choice we make can drastically change our ending. The adventure of Jonny, an idealist spurred on by love to right a long-forgotten wrong, A Fable follow his encounters with a whole cast of characters—colorful and corrupt, lucky and ill-fated—as they each grope their way through a landscape of nationwide strife and corporate greed. Related Shows David Van Asselt’s A Fable celebrates its opening night on May 22. Under the direction of Daniel Talbott, the play will run through June 28 at the Cherry Lane Theatre. A Fable View Comments The cast includes Edward Carnevale, Liza Fernandez, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Maxwell Hamilton, Jerry Matz, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Eileen Rivera, Pamela Shaw, Samantha Soule, Alok Tewari, Sanford Wilson and Gordon Joseph Weiss. The play features music by Elizabeth Swados, sets by John McDermott, costumes by Tristan Raines, lighting design by Joel Moritz, projection design by Kaitlyn Pietras and sound design by Janie Bullard.last_img

Fridays on the Fly: Check out the 2016 Tenkara Jam

first_imgThose cooler mornings and Autumn leaves are just around the corner in the Appalachian Range.  The last few weeks of comfortable wet-wading is upon us, and the fly fishing scenery is changing.  In fact, it’s changing in more ways than one. The tenkara activity in our Southern region is increasing every week.  Have you seen it on the river yet?The online social media group, Appalachian Tenkara Anglers, is still leading the movement in sharing everything there is to know about these ancient Japanese fly fishing rods. What started with the original four has grown into a very interactive community of thirteen hundred members.  This Facebook group is more like a dynamic blog with one hundred different authors. The deep knowledge base of experience here is tapped into daily, constantly challenging existing fly-fishing paradigms. This is a great resource to start or widen your tenkara experience. Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.50.37 PMLegendary fly fisherman Lefty Kreh attends last year’s Tenkara JamMore anglers are getting their hands on the fixed line fly rods and associated information, but how are they doing it?  Some are listening keenly to their friends that have already joined the sensation and then borrowing their rod for an outing.Others have attended the free five hour “Tenkara 101” class that I present for North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission six times a Summer at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education.  In that offering I will put a half dozen different rods in your hands for you to experience the balance and flex that these nine to fourteen foot rods provide.  You also can dive headfirst into a thousand hours of streaming video and a thousand more blog post on tactics and gear reviews. There is always the online resources from these rod companies. You will find close to a dozen reputable brands at company websites where you can purchase your gear straight from the source.  They offer great value in product pricing and you are afforded a single point of contact with tenkara smarts.  “Tenkara Bum”, “Badger Tenkara” and “Dragontail Tenkara” will come up pretty quickly in your favorite search engine.  Let’s not leave our Riverworks Tenkara that is crafting high end rods in Eastern Tennessee.There is a growing number of fly fishing shops and outfitters across our region that are authorized dealers for some of the leading brands of these telescopic rods.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have all this fixed line madness in one location?  I’ve been there before and let me tell you, it is pretty darn cool indeed.  This is the third year for the exposition that brings all this together into one place.  Let me tell you about the Tenkara Jam.  It is all things tenkara and then some.FB_IMG_1472829603244There will be over one hundred different models of rods that cover an entire spectrum of fixed line angling.This year the two-day Tenkara Jam will take place on the Eastern side of the Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, North Carolina. This will be the largest gathering on tenkara vendors in the United States this year. In this building will be the owners and operators of nearly all the established brands here in the US.  There will be over one hundred different models of rods that cover an entire spectrum of fixed line angling.  The event will also feature a line-up of presentations from some of the leading tenkara anglers in the United States?  This is a top-shelf list of friends that will be sharing lessons learned, tactical advice and advanced presentation techniques sure to help any fisher-person, regardless of your tool of choice.  This class room will be buzzing for two full days. To this let’s add all the attendees and the centuries of combined experience in fixed line angling they will possess. Who should consider coming to the “Tenkara Jam”? Everybody.  I could spend another ten paragraphs delivering my position in detail on these but I’ll keep it short for this blog post.New anglers.  What a great way to dive into fly fishing with a simple low cost method.Guides.  This long rod could help you get more cast in the water on your trips.Clubs. A great way to introduce fly fishing to large groups in minutes.Project Healing Waters.  A simple way to engage Vets and bring them into the program.Trout Unlimited.  A fantastic tool to increase interest and membership across all ages.Families.  A great way to get the entire family on the water.Outfitters.  This is an excellent product series to grow business in.Experienced Anglers.  This is a tool that will challenge your skill and enable incredible development in your “tackle box of tricks”.14231845_10153873051743097_1254875856020118900_oI continue to share these words often: “Tenkara gets Around”.  In a bit more than a half dozen years we have witnessed tenkara launch from grassroots efforts with the start on Tenkara USA to the branding efforts of Patagonia to bring tenkara and fixed line fly fishing to more and more people. Tenkara does get around.  How about you come join us and see what drives our passion with such a simple and effective fishing tool?  Come see us at The JAM !!Related:last_img

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