first_imgA group of school girls have selflessly donated the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Justin Bieber to charity.Five Bloomington, IL 8th grade girls raised over $22,000 with their local school to help educate students across the globe. Epiphany Catholic students Sarah, Julia, Kelly, McKenna, & Kristine were announced this week as the winners of Justin Bieber’s Schools4All campaign with non-profit Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools in developing countries.For their prize, the girls received two plane tickets to meet Justin Bieber. Instead of debating over which girls should get the tickets, the five friends chose to instead selflessly donate their reward to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.In 2011, the girls worked together to create a team donation page and raised over $13,000, helping to build a pre-school in Nicaragua that is now dedicated to them. This year they returned to Epiphany Catholic to raise another $13,000, with Barnes and Noble matching most of the funds raised to reach a total of over $22,000.last_img read more

WASHINGTON — The federal government’s budget deficit in May rose to a record $207.8 billion, 41.5% higher than a year ago. Most of that increase reflected the impact of calendar quirks that shifted $55 billion in June benefit payments into May.The Treasury Department says the increase in the May deficit from an imbalance of $146.8 billion in May 2018 reflected the fact that because June 1 fell on a Saturday, benefit payments for June were paid out in May.Through the first eight months of this budget year, the budget deficit totals $738.6 billion, an increase of 38.8% over the same period last year.Last year’s budget deficit of $779 billion is expected to climb sharply this year with the Trump administration forecasting it will top $1 trillion.Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press

Twenty-year-old Dylon Duarte appeared briefly at the John Sopinka Courthouse after facing murder charges in the stabbing death of Tyquan Brown.Hamilton police say, the night he was stabbed to death, Brown had been out celebrating the Toronto Raptors playoff win when Duarte drove by and saw his ex-girlfriend speaking with Brown and his friends. Brown was stabbed seconds later. Police officers found him bleeding in an alley and tried to revive him he was pronounced dead in hospital.Brown becomes the city’s fifth homicide victim of 2019.Duarte was told he would be back in court via video on June 27.

← Previous Story DREAM, WIN, REMEMBER: Battle for EURO 2020 starts on Wednesday Next Story → EHF EURO 2020 Qual: Belgium and Faroe Islands hits of Day 1! Austria already proved to be good ground for Croatia at the EURO 2010, where Croatia made it to the final. The preliminary round was played in Graz and the Styrian provincial capital will once again be home to Croatia in 2020, after a successful qualification. With Vienna and Graz, Austria will provide two preliminary round groups, as well as a main round group in Vienna. After successfully finishing the preliminary round in Graz the Croatian team would move to Vienna to play the main round. Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro could also play in Austria like Croatia would, if their qualification is successful. Tickets for the EURO 2020 will be available at from 24 October.It will be the European Championship of superlatives! For the first time a European Handball Championship will be held in three countries – Sweden, Austria and Norway. For the first time, 24 nations will fight for the title. And for the first time, the final will take place in a football stadium.The date of the 24th of October as the start for ticket sales is not been chosen entirely coincidental, as the qualification for the EURO 2020 also starts on this day. 32 nations fight in eight groups of four for the remaining 20 places in the final round. Sweden, Austria and Norway as hosts, as well as Spain as reigning European Champion are already set for the European Championships.DREAM.WIN.REMEMBERThis is the slogan/motto of the EURO 2020 and Croatia in particular will travel to Austria with the best memories. In 2010 they made it to the final, where they only had to admit defeat to France. Like back then, Croatia will again play its preliminary round matches in Graz in 2020. And the Styrian capital is looking forward to celebrating another true handball festival with its Croatian fans.And there is another parallel to 2010: From the preliminary round in Graz, the main round will continue to Vienna. Which is also linked to positive memories in Croatia for being honored with the silver medal at the EURO 2010.For the Croatian national team, the qualification for EURO 2020 starts on the 25th of October 2018 with the home match against Switzerland. One day before the ticket sale for the European Championship starts.While Croatia is fixed in Graz after a successful qualification, the EURO could also start in Austria for some of Croatia’s neighbouring countries: Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.Further ticket releasesFurther ticket releases are planned for the 9th of January 2019 (‘One year to go’), 17th of April 2019 (Easter release) and for the 1st of July 2019, as all 24 participating will be known by then.The first matches in Graz (group A) and Trondheim (group C) are played on the 9th of January. On the 10th of January the action will start in Vienna (group B), Trondheim (group D) and Gothenburg (group F); group E in Malmö joins last on the 11th of January.Final weekend over three daysThe main round will be played in Malmö and Vienna, while the final is played in Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena, a 20,000 capacity stadium. When it comes to the final weekend, fans will experience Sweden’s capital as it lives and breathes handball for three days.Following a unique change of the playing schedule, the EHF Executive Committee confirmed in September, that for the first time the match for third place and the final will be played separately from each other, with the bronze medal match to be played on Saturday, 25th of January 2020, and Sunday, 26th of January, being exclusively reserved for the final.With the semi-finals on Friday, 24th of January, as well as matches on Saturday and the final on Sunday, the final weekend has been extended to a three-day long handball party, which will be framed by a high-level entertainment concept.In the new schedule, the 5/6 placement match will be moved from Friday, 24th of January, ahead of the semi-finals, to Saturday, 25th of January, when it will take place ahead of the match for third place.PhotoCredit: OEHB/ Sebastian Pucher Men’s EHF EURO 2020 Graz read more

first_imgGERMANY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, already grappling with the fallout from a child sex scandal, fears losing more followers – and financing – because of public anger over a big-spending “bling bishop”.For the past week the Bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, has generated damaging headlines after the cost of his extravagant new residence complex blew out to at least €31 million euro.The 53-year-old has been summoned to the Vatican for a decision on his fate, and is set to meet today with humility advocate Pope Francis, who has called for a “poor Church for the poor”.€15,000 bathtubWith many faithful in the German diocese in open revolt over the lavish bishop’s palace and its €15,000 bathtub, there has been a sharp increase in local registered Catholics formally leaving the Church.If the exodus in the ancient town of Limburg were echoed on a national scale, observers say it would be a severe blow to the Church – especially in a country where the faithful provide the bulk of its funding.“I’ve never seen such a wave” of people quitting the faith, Ruediger Eschoffen, an official in charge of Church registrations in Limburg, was quoted as telling the newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse.Germany has a religion tax, and taxpayers must declare whether they are Catholic, Protestant or non-religious. People are however free to opt out and stop paying the so-called “Church tax”.Last year 295 Catholics in Limburg, in the central state of Hesse, officially left the Church, said Eschoffen. But he said the figure shot up to 29 people in a single day on Monday, after 18 left on Friday and 20 on Thursday.German Catholics paid €5.2bn to the Church in 2012Germany’s roughly 23 million Catholics paid €5.2 billion to the Church in 2012 in religious taxes, its main source of income in the country. The state tax amounts to an eight to 10 per cent addition to payable income tax.The money pays for the operating expenses of the clergy, but also for hospitals, kindergartens and other welfare organisations.The German Catholic Church, just as in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States, was already hit hard by a paedophilia scandal, which erupted in the country between 2010 and 2012.The revelations sparked a flood of people quitting the Church, with 180,000 leaving in 2010. By 2012, the figure had dropped to 118,000, a lower level than in 2009 before the abuse charges came to light.‘A loss of confidence’The latest scandal spells a real risk for the Catholic Church, said Detlef Pollack, a sociologist researching religion and politics at the University of Muenster.Tebartz-van Elst, dubbed by local media the “bling bishop”, is also accused of giving false statements in court in a case centred on an expensive flight he took to India to visit poor communities.“Many people say they do not want to continue to (financially) support the Church if it is to satisfy the appetite for luxury of a bishop,” Pollack told AFP.Plans to report their assetsSeveral German dioceses have announced plans to report their assets to avoid suspicions about their lifestyle.Beyond the financial risk, the Church fears a loss of confidence in an institution that still plays an important role in society, especially in the mainly Catholic south.Chancellor Angela Merkel, daughter of a Protestant pastor, is also worried. Her spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday expressed “the hope that there will be an answer for believers, for people’s confidence in their Church.”But Pollack said: “A lot of confidence has been lost.”“The Bishop of Limburg can no longer fulfil his role in his diocese. The best thing for him would definitely be to renounce his post.”Will he resign?Such a move would be difficult however within the Catholic Church, said conservative daily Die Welt.“Catholic bishops are neither managers nor politicians,” it said. “They do not derive their spiritual and temporal powers from the confidence of a supervisory board or the electorate, but from God.”It added that “quitting over real or perceived wrongdoing is a widespread and accepted practice in politics and business. They are the rules of the game. Until now, this was not the case in the Church”.- © AFP, 2013Germany’s Catholics told to pay church tax or no sacraments>German Catholic Church says 66 clergy accused of sex abuse>last_img read more

first_imgTHE ACCESS GRANTED to chemical weapons inspectors in Syria is a sign of what can be achieved if enough of the right energy is channelled in the right way. But moral responsibility doesn’t stop with the first signs of success in dismantling chemical weapons – in fact that’s just the start.Undoubtedly, reducing the potential impact of such weapons is a positive move. However, Syrian people are now presented with the absurd situation of inspectors freely driving through many areas of desperate need, while the ambulances, food and drug supplies organised by humanitarian organisations are blocked.Reports from areas under siege suggest communities are desperate for food and have almost entirely run out of even the most basic medical supplies. The recent confirmation by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of polio cases is symptomatic of the deterioration of what once was a highly-functioning system of healthcare. Earlier this year Médecins Sans Frontières teams vaccinated 75,000 children to stem a measles outbreak. Both patients and medical workers in Syria today are facing severe challenges as almost 60 per cent of the hospitals are now damaged or destroyed.Arrested and tortured for treating patientsThe adversity is heightened because of the lack of skilled medical workers remaining in the country; since the beginning of the war, health workers have been targeted. Médecins Sans Frontières has heard many accounts of Syrian medics being arrested and tortured for treating patients. As one orthopaedic surgeon explained “Being caught with patients is like being caught with a weapon.”As the war continues, the numbers of people in need of medical care is rising. In the space of just two weeks, one of our field hospitals launched nine mass casualty incidents. This is when the influx of wounded patients exceeds the capacity of the hospital because they all arrive together, and with injuries so severe that many need life-saving treatment at the same time. Skull fractures, crushed limbs, gunshot and shrapnel wounds are typical injuries that medical staff in Syria have to deal with.It is easy to forget that in the midst of explosions there are also patients who are indirect victims of the war – toddlers who have been severely scalded by pots of boiling water in overcrowded IDP (internally displaced persons) camps; asthmatic children who come to our emergency room for oxygen because inhalers are no longer available; pregnant women in need of emergency c-sections as they haven’t been able to get pre-natal checkups. The urgency for medical care in Syria is immense and takes all forms.Médecins Sans Frontières is running six hospitals, two health centres and several mobile clinic programmes inside Syria; this is not easy, but shows that it is possible. We are able to keep working in these areas through a persistent process of dialogue. Our teams have to explain to everyone in the areas we work in that Médecins Sans Frontières is medical organisation and that we are there with one simple aim – to treat anyone that needs medical attention.Negotiating access is slow and painstakingWe emphasise that we don’t take any government funding for our work in Syria in order to remain completely free of any political agendas. Occasionally when we feel this is not well understood, we have to temporarily reduce our teams for their safety, continue talking, and then return to a full strength medical and logistical team when we are confident that our presence as a neutral, impartial humanitarian organisation is accepted.To date, this has enabled us to remain in places where we know the medical needs are immense. We would like to expand our reach because the medical emergency extends throughout the country. But in the areas of most intense fighting it is simply not safe to be.The lack of respect for humanitarian workers makes the job of negotiating access slow and painstaking. It is virtually impossible for medical aid to cross front lines because of the mistrust of anything coming from the other side, and the blockages around enclave areas have so far been unbreakable.Influential countries gathered around a table, thrashed out an agreement on chemical weapons and put it into practice. They have shown it can be done, the same must happen now for humanitarian aid, especially medical care for people caught up in conflict and to afford some protection and respect for medical staff on the ground.Jane-Ann McKenna is the Director of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders Irelandpresent. She has recently returned from a field visit to Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan where she conducted a humanitarian assessment of Syrian refugees’ needs in neighbouring countries.In 2012 Médecins Sans Frontières teams performed 1,165 reconstructive surgeries in the Amman hospital. The project also provided physiotherapy and psycho-social support to thousands of patients. To donate, visit or call 1800 905 509.last_img read more

first_img 7 Comments 7,413 Views NEW YORK STATE is suing Harvey Weinstein, his brother and their production company for failing to protect employees from years of his alleged sexual misconduct despite multiple complaints from staff.The lawsuit comes four months after the Hollywood mogul’s career ended over allegations of sexual harassment, assault and rape now leveled by more than 100 women spanning 40 years.State prosecutors said the suit, the result of an ongoing investigation, was filed out of fear that an imminent sale of The Weinstein Company, now on the verge of bankruptcy, could leave victims without adequate redress. The lawsuit now threatens to delay the sale.Weinstein’s lawyer poured cold water on the lawsuit and presented his 65-year-old client as a supporter of women’s career advancement.But state prosecutors accuse the company’s board and executives of repeatedly failing to take adequate steps to protect staff or curb Weinstein’s behaviour, despite multiple complaints to human resources.Weinstein is being investigated by British and US police, but has not yet been charged with any crime. He denies having non-consensual sex and is reportedly in treatment for sex addiction.The suit alleges that female assistants were required to facilitate Weinstein’s sex life as a condition of employment and had copies of a manual, known as a “Bible,” that included directions on how to do so.Prosecutors said Weinstein made verbal threats to “kill” several staff or their families, and touted his connection to political figures and alleged Secret Service contacts that could “take care of problems.”They said one employee flew from London to New York to teach his assistants “how to dress and smell more attractive” to Weinstein.Car injections Weinstein’s drivers in New York and Los Angeles were required to keep condoms and erectile dysfunction injections in the car at all times, prosecutors said.Among the alleged misconduct was making a female employee take dictation while leering at her as he lay naked on his bed in 2014-15. He also allegedly put his hand on her upper thigh and buttocks near her genitalia to rub her without consent in the back of cars.Largely female assistants allegedly contacted prospective sexual partners via text message or phone at his direction, and maintained space on his calendar for sexual activity.Female executives also allegedly had to meet prospective sexual conquests and follow through on promised job offers, which prosecutors said demeaned and humiliated them, fueling a hostile work environment.The New York state attorney’s office said that despite multiple complaints to the human resources department, there was no meaningful investigation or relief for victims, or consequences for Weinstein.It said the company’s toxic work environment was shrouded in secrecy because of a practice of reaching non-disclosure agreements — a policy that has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of the sexual harassment watershed that has followed Weinstein’s downfall.“While Mr Weinstein’s behavior was not without fault, there certainly was no criminality,” Weinstein’s lawyer Ben Brafman, one of America’s most celebrated criminal defence attorneys, said in a statement.At the end of the inquiry, it will be clear that Harvey Weinstein promoted more women to key executive positions than any other industry leader and there was zero discrimination.‘Vicious mistreatment’ “If the purpose of the inquiry is to encourage reform throughout the film industry, Mr Weinstein will embrace the investigation,” Brafman said.“If the purpose however is to scapegoat Mr Weinstein, he will vigorously defend himself.”State attorney general Eric Schneiderman said the lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court, detailed Weinstein’s “vicious and exploitative mistreatment” of employees.“As alleged in our complaint, The Weinstein Company repeatedly broke New York law by failing to protect its employees from pervasive sexual harassment, intimidation and discrimination,” said Schneiderman.Any sale of The Weinstein Company must ensure that victims will be compensated, employees will be protected going forward and that neither perpetrators nor enablers will be unjustly enriched.Last week, the district attorney’s office in Los Angeles said police had submitted three Weinstein sexual assault cases to prosecutors.A group of investors led by a former official who served in president Barack Obama’s administration is understood to be in advanced talks to buy The Weinstein Company.Deadline, the Hollywood insider website that first reported the advanced talks, said a roughly $500 million bid by the group led by Maria Contreras-Sweet included a fund to compensate victims.© – AFP, 2018Read: Two police officers shot dead responding to ‘domestic situation’ at home in OhioRead: Three dead after tour helicopter crashes in the Grand Canyon Image: Anthony Devlin Feb 12th 2018, 7:20 AM New York state is suing Harvey Weinstein and his former company for failing to protect staff More than 100 women have accused him of sexual harassment, assault and rape. By AFP Short URL Image: Anthony Devlin Monday 12 Feb 2018, 7:20 AM Share Tweet Email1 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

first_img By Gavan Casey Stevie McKenna to make long-awaited professional boxing debut next month Mar 9th 2019, 11:07 PM Katie Taylor faces Rose Volante next Friday in a world-title unification clash. Image: Emily Harney/INPHO Subscribe ‘There were times when I didn’t even ask how much I was getting for the fights – I’d just find out afterwards’ Katie Taylor knows her value in boxing’s punch-for-pay ranks, and so do her opponents, but money remains low on her list of priorities. Share302 Tweet Email Katie Taylor faces Rose Volante next Friday in a world-title unification clash. Source: The42 Rugby Weekly/SoundCloudSubscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: 22 Comments center_img AMONG THE CONCERNS when Katie Taylor turned professional in the autumn of 2016 was that she was entering an industry which in its perpetually evident nefariousness was completely at odds with her values.Two and a half years on, Taylor is by a considerable margin the most valuable entity in a women’s professional boxing scene which is all the more healthy for her presence: Taylor earns more money per fight than any other female pugilist, and her opponents earn more to face her than they ever have previously. Many of them have earned more against Taylor than they have for their previous outings combined.Taylor, alongside her younger American contemporary Claressa Shields, has created the tide upon which all boats have risen. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing.It was originally hoped that WBA and IBF lightweight world champion Taylor would face WBO titleholder Rose Volante in a unification clash in December, but the Brazilian’s team steered their woman off Taylor’s course.A press conference at The County Club in Dunshaughlin after Taylor imperiously retained her titles in a tasty scrap with former amateur rival Eva Wahlstrom — a world-class and world-champion alternative opponent, but still an alternative — was called with the intention of confirming a clash with Volante in the presence of Taylor’s home press.Best laid plans and all that: ‘Queen Rose’s representatives declined a six-figure offer worth 10 times more than her previous career-highest purse, and it suddenly seemed likely that Taylor’s pursuit of the undisputed title would be derailed by those pesky boxing ‘politics’ to which so many cautiously referred when she joined the punch-for-pay ranks post-Rio.Taylor’s team of Brian Peters and Eddie Hearn seriously considered going down another route — one which would see Irish icon forego her dream of cleaning out the 135-pound division and instead fulfil another by diving straight into a sequence of match-ups with fellow pound-for-pound contenders. There was a cognisance, however, that these impending superfights would be somewhat less super, and in turn less lucrative, if Taylor went into them without having first become the undisputed ruler at lightweight.And so the purse strings were loosened slightly, a few more strings were pulled, and finally, Taylor v Volante was a go for Philadelphia on St Patrick’s weekend, the ‘road to undisputed’ repaved.“I was delighted when the fight was actually confirmed,” Taylor tells The42. “It’s a fight I’ve wanted for a long time. I guess she was holding out, looking for more money and things like that — the business side of things was holding it up a small bit.“Training camp has gone great for this fight. I know I say that before every single fight”, she laughs, “but I really am feeling good and sharp ahead of this one. I know the danger that Rose Volante brings to the table: she’s a very strong fighter, she’s an undefeated fighter, she has a big right hand and all of her other opponents can testify to that.“It’s a huge chance for me — a chance to unify the division once again, and a chance to take that step closer to becoming undisputed champion.“This could be a huge year for me, and there are big, big fights out there for me, but I have to get past Rose Volante for those big fights to happen. Katie Taylor will attempt to take one step closer to claiming the undisputed lightweight world title in Philadelphia next Friday night. Source: Bryan Keane/INPHO“It is definitely frustrating at times when the fights aren’t happening when I want them to happen”, Taylor adds, “but I do realise there is a business to professional boxing as well.Obviously, I’ve picked up a greater understanding of it over the last couple of years. I do realise that the right fights have to happen at the right time; that people are going to try to earn as much money as they can, and that’s why these fights aren’t happening sometimes.“But I also know that they are going to happen — I’ve just got to be patient. Thankfully, Brian [Peters] kind of looks after that side of things.“The Rose Volante fight didn’t happen when we wanted it in December, but we got a super replacement in Eva Wahlstrom — we couldn’t have had a better opponent, really. I think Eva said herself that it was the biggest fight in women’s boxing at that time; we both came into the fight as undefeated champions, fighting at Madison Square Garden. So I still got a huge fight even when the fight I wanted didn’t quite come together at the time.”Adds manager Peters: “We had a plan: we wanted the WBO belt, all going well, and then we’d move onto Delfine Persoon for the WBC.It’s tough to get Katie talking about this, obviously, because the next fight is the only one she’ll ever talk about, but after this we’d love to get Persoon in the ring at The Garden, on the AJ (Anthony Joshua) card, for the undisputed title. That has a nice little ring to it. And then that will hopefully set up a fight with another lady who’s fond of talking, Amanda Serrano. All going well, that gets Katie a big payday, it gets headlines all over the world, but the fight itself headlines as well — it headlines a venue, maybe in New York, and it’s shown live on DAZN. But if you don’t have the ‘undisputed’ tag on it, it just doesn’t have that same magical ring to it. Manager Brian Peters knows future ‘superfights’ will be all the more super for Taylor holding all four major lightweight belts. Source: Bryan Keane/INPHO“That’s why I was so anxious to get this fight,” Peters continues. “We negotiated with Rose Volante, she wanted to get a few defences in first so she could earn more money to fight Katie — and listen, she’s dead right.“But obviously she’s crucial to Katie’s plan of being undisputed champion, all going well, by the middle of the summer. And from there, we can look at real superfights.”A showdown with rival Serrano and a meeting a fight or two further down the line with undisputed welterweight world champion Cecilia Braekhus are not dead certs — not least in Taylor’s eyes, which are fixed firmly on Philly next Friday.But should they come to fruition, they will likely see her pocket high-six- and seven-figure sums respectively, a feat of earning unprecedented in women’s boxing and one that 99.9% of pro boxers — male or female — can only dream of.There still exists a squeamish concern among casual followers in Ireland that ‘our lovely girl’ is swimming with sharks — that nobody as nice as Taylor can expect to escape a business as nasty as boxing without having first been skinned alive.Instead, it’s she who is making the killing. And to believe Taylor naive is to sell her short: this is, after all, a woman who has seen plenty of dosh pass through her hands not only via fight purses and multiple high-profile sponsorships, but her commercial firm KT Sports Ltd whose accumulated profits passed the €1.5 million mark in 2017.She knows her value, and she has surrounded herself with a small, tight-knit team who have thus far succeeded in ensuring she gets every penny of it.But it would also be wrong to suggest that Taylor is remotely money-driven. A comically off-the-mark BBC article recently stated that she was “willing to give up on her dream of ever boxing in Ireland to pursue a super-fight which could earn her a first $1m purse”.On that front, Taylor is keen to set the record straight.“Money is obviously important — this is prizefighting, so you have to earn as much money as you can during your career — but it’s not something that motivates me at all,” she says.“I’ve said from the start that I want to make history in this sport, I want to leave a great legacy, and that’s why I want the big fights.“I don’t care how much money I’m making for these fights — I just want the fights, the big fights –”“She’s only joking, Eddie!” chimes Peters with a chuckle, just in case promoter Hearn catches wind and attempts to shave a zero off her next cheque.Taylor laughs. “That’s where Brian comes in. He negotiates for me. And it’s great to be getting those big purses but it’s really not something that I’ve ever focused on.Earlier in my professional career, there were times when I didn’t even ask how much I was getting for the fights — I’d find out afterwards. I’d just go in there, fight, and then afterwards Brian would tell me: ‘By the way, you got this amount for the fight’.“So it’s not even something that was on my mind. I boxed for years and years as an amateur fighter. I wanted to do the same thing — leave a great legacy and make history — and now I’m trying to do the same in professional boxing. I want to make history and be the best fighter that I can, regardless of how much money I’m making.I just think it changes if money is your motivation, because what happens if the money isn’t there? You can’t get up and go training, you can’t get motivated for fights at all? That’s never been the case for me. Katie Taylor in action against Cindy Serrano in Boston. Source: Emily Harney/INPHOEqually, what will never motivate Taylor is the need to prove wrong naysayers, or those who, almost per fight at this stage, will find a means of discrediting her opponents or the women’s code generally.If she has her arm raised over Volante’s next Friday, those critics will begin to run out of road.Delfine Persoon is a formidable challenge by anyone’s standards; Amanda Serrano is a seven-weight world champion and legitimate knockout artist; Cecilia Braekhus is an undefeated, undisputed champion. Beyond them — if Taylor can get beyond them — Olympians Mikaela Mayer and Taylor’s Rio successor, Estelle Mossely, lie in wait.There’ll doubtless be a few more edgy columns written between now and the bona fide ‘big ones’ in June and further down the line. Taylor is unlikely to read them, nor will she use them as fuel beyond the fireplace.“To be honest with you, I think I’m well used to it. Even during my amateur days, there were still people who never gave me the credit — even when I was coming back with World Championship gold medals.“So I am very, very used to that, and I don’t take too much notice of it.I am getting the credit from people over here [in America], people who are knowledgable about the sport. The people who follow the sport, the actual boxing journalists — they realise how big some of these fights are. They recognise the credentials of some of these opponents.“That’s all that matters, really. The real boxing purists know exactly what’s happening, and I don’t really take much notice of anyone else. I’m not out here to impress those kinds of people.” Taylor isn’t concerned by critics of her career or women’s pro boxing. Source: Gary Carr/INPHO“Like, some of these other champions that these people are criticising are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight Katie,” adds Peters. “Katie herself is obviously getting more than them.Now, as nice as Katie is, I don’t think DAZN and these guys are giving her that money because she’s a nice person. I think they’re giving it to her because she’s a star. She moves the dial. That’s why.Andy Dunne joins Murray Kinsella and Ryan Bailey to discuss Joe Schmidt’s undroppables and how France might attack Ireland’s predictability in The42 Rugby Weekly. 38,244 Views Saturday 9 Mar 2019, 11:07 PM Short URL Image: Emily Harney/INPHO Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing was presented with the highest honour bestowed by the Greek Parliament to influential international figures, the Award for Parliamentarism and Democracy, during a ceremony held in Athens last week. The 2009 award was given to d’Estaing by Parliament President Dimitris Sioufas in the Greek Parliament’s portico, in the presence of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, ministers, representatives of the political parties, politicians, artists and academics. Sioufas described the former French president as “a unique, great European visionary, an ally of Greece, a philhellene and someone that gave substance to the Franco-Hellenic alliance. He particularly underlined d’Estaing’s support for the late Constantine Karamanlis, saying that he had stood by him like a true friend on what was perhaps the most difficult day of a long and eventful political career: “By supporting the initiator of the post-junta period in the hard task that he undertook, you’re assisting in restoring democracy to its ancient homeland. You have linked your name to the greatest day of the modern Hellenic Republic,” Sioufas told d’Estaing. In addition to the French statesman’s role during the difficult days of July 1974, after the fall of the junta, Sioufas also emphasised his crucial and emphatic support for Greece’s entry into the then European Economic Community (EEC). “In our country we have an ancient tradition of honouring the people that have stood by us. The greatest honour that we can give is a place in our hearts. You have won this place a long time ago,” Sioufas concluded, handing d’Estaing the award bearing an engraved inscription and images of ancient Athens.last_img read more

first_imgUn simulateur de la Vie sur TerreUn groupe de scientifiques internationaux est en train de mettre au point un simulateur qui serait capable de reproduire l’ensemble des événements se déroulant sur Terre. Cela irait de la météorologie mondiale aux épidémies en passant par les transactions financières internationales et les bouchons du périphérique aux heures de pointe.Surnommé Living Earth Simulator (LES), le simulateur qui est en train d’être mis au point permettrait aux scientifiques de progresser dans la compréhension des différents événements qui ont lieu sur notre planète, y compris les actions humaines qui modèlent les sociétés et les forces environnementales qui définissent le monde physique tel que nous le connaissons.Le docteur Helbing, de l’institut fédéral de technologie de Suisse qui participe à la création du LES explique que “de nombreux problèmes actuels, y compris les instabilités sociales et économiques, les guerres et les épidémies, sont dus au comportement humain mais il semblerait qu’il y ait un sérieux manque de compréhension de cela à voir la façon dont la société et l’économie évoluent”.Pour ce professeur, ce dont nous avons besoin, c’est d’un accélérateur de connaissances et pas de particules. Si ces derniers permettent d’en savoir davantage sur l’ensemble de l’Univers que sur notre propre planète, le plus grand challenge de ce siècle est de découvrir les lois et processus qui sous-tendent nos sociétés. Le LES serait cet accélérateur.À lire aussiLa recette pour l’apparition de la vie sur Terre enfin découverte ?Mais comment fonctionne un système aussi ambitieux ? Pour commencer, il nécessiterait des données concernant l’ensemble des populations et une gamme entière des activités se déroulant dans le monde. Le LES serait par ailleurs rattaché à de supers-ordinateurs capables de prendre en charge un nombre croissant d’informations colossales. Et même si le matériel informatique n’est pas encore disponible, la plupart des données nécessaires sont déjà en train d’être collectées, explique le docteur Helbing.Par exemple, un projet géré par la Nasa vise à créer un réseau de détecteurs collectant les informations climatiques de l’air, de la terre, des mers et de l’espace. Ajouté à cela, le docteur Helbing et son équipe ont déjà amassé plus de 70 sources de données Internet parmi lesquelles on retrouve notamment Wikipédia, Google Maps et les données accessibles du gouvernement britannique. Bien entendu, pour arriver à réaliser ce projet, il faudra que des millions d’autres données soient fournies en temps réel comme l’évolution des marchés financiers par exemple.Pour l’instant, la prochaine étape consiste à créer une structure capable de transformer cette masse d’informations en quelque chose de cohérent et qui représentera au mieux ce qui se passe sur Terre à l’heure actuelle. Et cela ne sera possible qu’avec le concours de sociologues, de scientifiques et d’ingénieurs informatiques capables de définir le fonctionnement du LES. Ce sera l’affaire de quelques dizaines d’années, estime le professeur.Le 1 janvier 2011 à 11:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgMisick said: “if I was Premier today,, Thursday would have been a National Holiday and the Government and Flow would have organized a huge welcome reception for him… he would have given waterfront property to Delano to build his home here at home.  I call on the Premier to treat our first Olympian with dignity and respect”.   Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, September 5, 2016 – It was a paltry gift in the eyes of many, including former Premier Michael Misick who said Delano Williams, the TCIs First Olympian, should have been officially made a TCI Ambassador and given a $200,000 per year endorsement deal.  In a Saturday media release, Misick said it is what his administration did for NBA Champion, formerly with the LA Lakers, Trevor Ariza.  Trevor was given $150,000 per year.    Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Delano Williams returns to Grand Turk, Mike Misick says more should have been done for Delano Williamscenter_img The Turks and Caicos Government gave Delano Williams, $3,000 at the Island Fish Fry last Thursday night.  Michael Misick also condemned the state of the National Stadium.last_img read more

first_imgMIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) – A Miami-Dade Police officer was involved in a two-vehicle crash in Miami Gardens.Officials said the incident took place along Northwest 183rd Street and 17th Avenue, around 8:23 a.m., Saturday.The front of the cruiser was smashed, while the other vehicle received damage as well.Investigators found that the civilian vehicle had been reported stolen.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews transported the officer to an area hospital for precautionary measures.Meanwhile, police said, the driver of the stolen vehicle was detained pending further investigation.Officials are now investigating the cause of the crash. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

first_imgShah Rukh Khan, AbRam at Mannat greeting fans on EidVarinder ChawlaThe Enforcement Directorate (ED) has summoned actor Shah Rukh Khan, seeking his personal appearance on July 23 in connection with a case of foreign exchange law violation that caused the country a loss of foreign exchange of Rs 73.6 crore. SRK, wife Gauri and and his former co-star Juhi Chawla had in March this year been issued notices by the ED for “contravention of provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident Outside India) Regulations, 2000 made under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).”The ED had also issued a notice to Knight Riders Sports Private Limited (KRSPL), which owns KKR. The charges are that Shah Rukh, Gauri and Juhi had all sold KRSPL shares at a price lower than their actual value. While Gauri is a director at KRSPL, Shah Rukh and Juhi are co-owners of two-ime IPL champions KKR. The actual forex law violation case pertains to 2008, when the ED had started a probe into IPL franchises and their owners. Shah Rukh Khan had been questioned multiple times by ED in connection with the case. Fresh trouble for actor?The ED summons may be the latest in the list of problems the actor is facing. Raees and Fan — two films that revolved around his characters, have not done well at the Box Office.Even the one before that, the Rohit Shetty directorial Dilwale, had caused the actor some losses despite performing well at the Box Office. The only bright spot here is Alia Bhatt-starrer Dear Zindagi, which let the actor showcase his character-acting chops once again.  Jab Harry Met SejalHis upcoming film Jab Harry Met Sejal is slated for release on August 4 this year, and the actor is busy promoting the film along with co-star Anushka Sharma across the country. The ED notice at this time could not only upset his schedule but also cast a shadow on the film and its Box Office performance.last_img read more

first_imgTraffic jam at Delhi’s Connaught Place due to International Yoga Day preparations on June 20, 2017.IANSCars and utility vehicle are bound to witness a rise in prices over the course of next year as they introduce BS VI-compliant engines. Four-wheelers are expected to register a hike of 10-25 per cent.Due to the higher cost of up gradation, the hike will be steeper in diesel cars. According to Financial Express, the cost of diesel cars could be higher by anywhere between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh, depending upon the capacity of the engine.  For petrol cars, a customer will have to pay around Rs 25,000-60,000 more if the initial estimates are to be believed.The Narendra Modi government in October 2016 had decided to skip one stage and migrate to BS-VI directly from BS-IV from April 2020 to fight the growing pollution. The deadline for it in Delhi was brought forward to 2018 due to higher level of pollution i.e. thick toxic smog faced in the winter season.It was part of concerted efforts of the government to reduce vehicular emissions and improve fuel efficiency with an aim to reduce carbon footprints and keep the environment healthy.Mahindra and Mahindra’s Managing Director Pawan Goenka said that transition from BS IV to BS VI would result in a price hike of around 10 per cent. “Accordingly, a car priced at Rs 10,00,000 will see an increase of Rs 1 lakh,” Goenka added.As per the regulatory changes, all the cars must be BS VI complied with all the engines overhauled. However, Rajesh Goel, senior VP & director, sales and marketing, Honda Cars India, believes that the prices rise would be significantly higher for the BS VI complied vehicles.”Since there would be a complete technological transformation, prices are bound to increase significantly,” Goel said.On a base price of around Rs 6 lakh, the smaller diesel car could witness an increase in prices as high as Rs 50,000-1,50,000 which could eventually hamper the sales.Currently, about 1.8 million small cars are sold in a yearly. The auto sector is witnessing a slowdown in recent times due to the Insurance verdict was given by the Supreme court.last_img read more

first_imgObaidul Quader file photoAwami League general secretary Obaidul Quader blamed the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) for the grenade attack on an AL rally at Bangabandhu Avenue in the city on 21 August 2004.“Everybody knows the attack was carried out in line with a plan of Hawa Bhaban, the alternative powerhouse of the BNP-led government,” he alleged while inspecting an under-construction tunnel at Patenga in Chattogram on Saturday.Also road transport and bridges minister Quader said the BNP could not avoid the liability of the attack as it was in power at that time.On several occasions, prime minister Sheikh Hasina blamed the BNP for the attack and alleged last week that the BNP chairperson, former prime minister Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Rahman were involved in the grenade attack.The BNP rebuted the AL allegation and said the prime minister’s comment would influence the grenade attack case verdict.A total of 22 people including Bangladesh Mahila Awami League president Ivy Rahman, wife of late president Zillur Rahman, were killed and many others injured in the barbarous attack.“Our court is independent and it will decide who are actually involved in the killing. The government is not interfering in the 21 August grenade attack case,” the minister claimed.Quader said, “We hope the verdict will be given on the basis of fact and how the incident took place.”He said there is a fear that many BNP leaders are reportedly involved in the incident.As the verdict is likely to be delivered in the next month, he said, if the BNP leaders are convicted, they will face an existential crisis ahead of the next general elections scheduled to be held at the year end.Obaidul Quader said prime minister Sheikh Hasina, who was then the opposition leader, was the prime target of the attack. She survived by the mercy of the Almighty Allah, AL leader said.A number of BNP leaders including senior vice chairman and elder son of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, Tarique Rahman and the then state minister for home affairs Lutfozzaman Babar have been implicated in the case.last_img read more

first_img © 2013 Explore further The development of the cell phone has led to new advances in both law enforcement and criminal evasion. Police officers use cell phones to communicate with one another, as do criminals. It didn’t take long, however, for the police to figure out that they could track criminals as they talk on their cell phones using triangulation of cell towers. To keep from getting caught, criminals began using new evasion tactics such as modifying the built-in ID code on their cell phone or swapping out SIM cards—doing so made it nearly impossible for law enforcement to track them down by their cell phone signals alone. This new advance by the engineers in Germany appears likely to thwart that strategy.Working at the Technical University of Dresden, engineers Jakob Hasse, Thomas, Gloe and Martin Beck found that each of the separate components inside a cell phone has a degree of error. When all of the errors are taken together, as seen in the digital signal sent to a cell tower, the result can be read as a unique digital signal—or fingerprint. That means that no matter what criminals do to their cell phone—short of swapping out internal components—their phones will continue to emit a unique signal that can be read by a device and used to separate it out from all the other cell phone signals. Once that’s done the location of the phone—and possibly the criminals—can be calculated using triangulation of cell towers.Unfortunately, a device to read and recognize the unique signature of cell phones is still in the research and development stage, though the engineers on the project report a nearly 98 percent success rate in correctly identifying a signal. Law enforcement would surely like to see that number bumped to 100 to avoid finding themselves occasionally raiding the wrong house. ( —Law enforcement officials may soon have a new tool at their disposal—a device that can distinguish between cell phones based on their digital signal. In the never ending game of cat-and-mouse between law enforcement and criminals, this new advancement may give the good guys the upper hand—all due to a discovery by a team of engineers in Germany. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Forensic Identi?cation of GSM Mobile Phones, Jakob Hasse et al. (PDF)via Newscientist Overall Procedure of Feature Extraction. Credit: Forensic Identification of GSM Mobile Phones, Jakob Hasse et al. Many US police use cell phones to track: study Citation: Engineers discover unique fingerprint for cell phones (2013, August 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

first_imgIn an effort to keep the larger supraspheres from precipitating out of solution, Wang et al. replaced the remaining polyoxometalates at the cluster-water interface with thiolate-capping ligands. It is the chemical properties of these ligands that allowed for the selective uptake of certain hydrophobic guests over others. They experimented with three caps: a positively changed one, a negatively charged one, and mercapto-polyethylene glycol (PEG-SH). For their model hydrophobic guest, Wang, et al. used bisphenol A (BPA). Because PEG-S-capped supraspheres are soluble in both water and methylene chloride, they confirmed that guest uptake was due to hydrophobic effects. Adsorption properties were determined with ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy and 1H NMR. They confirmed that each suprasphere hosts the same number of BPA molecules and that the number of guests was around 2 million per suprasphere.They then explored host-guest properties with other hydrophobic guests. They tested azulene (a dye, TNT (an explosive), RDX (an explosive), alachlor (a common herbicide), para-xylene, and para-dichlorobenzene. At first, they did not observe guest uptake with TNT, which they attributed to kinetic effects. By changing the capping molecules from PEG-SH to a mixture of PEG-SH and hex-SH, they observed the uptake of over 2 million TNT or RDX molecules. This idea of kinetically controlling the uptake of certain guests was used to chemo-selectively adsorb BPA over TNT in a solution containing both molecules.Analysis of the suprasphere architecture indicated that there was an extensive internal hydrophobic porous system that allowed guests to diffuse throughout the suprasphere structure. The authors described the interior of the suprasphere as a percolated network of hydrophobic holes that can house the more than 2 million guest molecules.Gold nanoparticle supraspheres are a relatively new area for host-guest chemistry. This research shows how functionalizing the surface of the nanoparticles with a hydrophilic leaving group will allow the formation of water soluble supraspheres that are able to easily and selectively adsorb and release guests. Citation: Water soluble gold nanoparticle supraspheres can hold 2 million guest molecules (2016, December 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: Nature Nanotechnology Explore further (—Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have developed porous 200 nm supraspheres from gold nanoparticles whose surface is functionalized with polyoxometalate leaving groups that allows for dispersion in pure water. The hydrophobic effect promotes the spontaneous adsorption of alkyl and alkylaromatic guests. © 2016 a, Schematic showing how citrate ligands are replaced by AlW11O399- (1), to give 1-protected Au NPs. A reaction with hexanethiol then leads to the formation of colloidal supraspheres. The structure of 1 is shown in polyhedral notation: W(VI)-centred polyhedra are in blue (oxygen atoms are present at all vertices) and the centrally located, four-coordinate Al(III) ion is in red; b, Cryo-TEM images illustrating colloidal suprasphere formation: (i) and (ii) show individual citrate- and 1-protected Au NPs, respectively; (iii) shows a representative intermediate-sized colloidal suprasphere, with a radius of around 45 nm. Scale bar, 10 nm; c, The uptake of bisphenol A (black dots) by the PEG capped supraspheres from aqueous solution; d, Illustration (drawn to scale) of an Oh-symmetry hole hosting approximately 1 nm bisphenol A guests. Credit: Wang et al. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. In their research article in Nature Nanotechnology, Wang et al. demonstrate that their leaving groups are easily displaced by hexane thiol, allowing for the formation of suprasphere colloids in water and uptake of around 2 million hydrophobic guests, a mass-per-volume level that rivals zeolites and metal-organic frameworks. Furthermore, by tailoring the surface of the suprasphere, they were able to chemo-selectively control the uptake of guest molecules.While there have been several gold nanoparticle suprasphere studies reported in the literature, none of them explore the hydrophobic effect for host-guest interactions. Those interactions largely arise from the formation of aggregates. Supraspheres are gold nanoparticle colloids that are held together by weak interactions between alkylthiolate ligands, which form a hydrophobic monolayer around the nanoparticles. This results in aggregates in pure water.However, this same hydrophobic effect can be used to promote host-guest interactions. Supraspheres are highly porous compounds that can serve as a reservoir of hydrophobic cavities for non-polar guests in an aqueous environment.To avoid the problem of uncontrolled precipitation, Wang et al. functionalized the surface of the gold nanoparticles with negatively charged cluster anion, AlW11O399-. They then incrementally added small amounts of hexane thiols (hex-SH) to the solution. Domains of hydrophobic thiol clusters and hydrophilic polyoxometalate clusters formed on the surface of the gold nanoparticles. This eventually leads to the controlled hydrophobic assembly of supraspherical clusters, as evidenced by surface plasmon resonance studies and in situ imaging by cryogenic transmission electron microscopy. These clusters are soluble in water.Importantly, because there is a linear correlation between the addition of hex-SH and the average hydrodynamic radius, they were able to tailor supracluster formation. Additional studies confirmed supraspheres were formed in water, but that larger supraspheres (approximately 200 nm) were less stable than intermediate-sized ones (approximately 150 nm). Energetics of the adsorption of ethanol on calcite nanoparticles More information: Yizhan Wang et al. Host–guest chemistry with water-soluble gold nanoparticle supraspheres, Nature Nanotechnology (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2016.233AbstractThe uptake of molecular guests, a hallmark of the supramolecular chemistry of cages and containers, has yet to be documented for soluble assemblies of metal nanoparticles. Here we demonstrate that gold nanoparticle-based supraspheres serve as a host for the hydrophobic uptake, transport and subsequent release of over two million organic guests, exceeding by five orders of magnitude the capacities of individual supramolecular cages or containers and rivalling those of zeolites and metal–organic frameworks on a mass-per-volume basis. The supraspheres are prepared in water by adding hexanethiol to polyoxometalate-protected 4 nm gold nanoparticles. Each 200 nm assembly contains hydrophobic cavities between the estimated 27,400 gold building blocks that are connected to one another by nanometre-sized pores. This gives a percolated network that effectively absorbs large numbers of molecules from water, including 600,000, 2,100,000 and 2,600,000 molecules (35, 190 and 234 g l−1) of para-dichorobenzene, bisphenol A and trinitrotoluene, respectively.last_img read more

first_imgArt Heritage Collection – a show that displays the collection of designer soft furnishing items like bed linen, cushion covers, dining mats, etc. inspired  by the traditional art of the medieval period  and nineteenth century British period is being organised in the Capital. The event that started off on 15 October is conceptualised by Anjali Jain .Aesthetically designed, these colourful items are influenced by the miniature paintings of the Mughal and Rajput style. Some are also inspired by the exotic geometrical designs of  the jaalis and jharokhas of the Rajput and Muslim architecture. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The other half is inspired by the Bengal woodcut designs of the  nineteenth century. Paintings by the British and Indian artists  reflecting  the lifestyle of those bygone days are also included in the designs.The collection is a medley of chirpy bird designs, the exotic romance of the Kishangarh and Rajput paintings, the majesty and exuberance of the Mughal  paintings and the geometric perfection and appeal of the Mughal architecture. The show could perhaps be highlighted by a song and dance Ballet mainly Kathak based showing the Radha- Krishna romance, the court dances of the mughals easing out to the times of the nautch girls of the era and western ballroom dances of the Sahibs.Where: Select City Walk, Saket  When: On till 19th october TIMINGS: 11 am to 11 pmlast_img read more

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P Boeing is set to make aviation history as the first 787 Dreamliner finally takes off for its new home in Tokyo, Japan, following its departure from Everett Washington, three years behind schedule.The world’s first carbon-composite passenger jet is set to arrive in Tokyo’s Haneda airport today, marking the first delivery of 787 to launch customer All Nippon Airways (ANA).  Upon landing the aircraft will be greeted by media, employees and Japanese partners. Boeing President and Chief Executive Jim Albaugh said everyone is excited stating that the airline, ANA and Boeing is ready.“This airplane begins a new chapter in aviation history,” Mr Albaugh added.ANA is planning to fly the aircraft on October 28 and 27 from Tokyo’s Narita airport to Hong Kong, marking its first commercial passenger flight.ANA President and Chief Executive Shinichiro Ito said as a customer he is excited to be taking delivery of their first 787 Dreamliner. “This aircraft will enable us to offer new standards of service and comfort to our passengers and will play an important role in our international expansion strategy as we seek to become Asia’s number one airline,” Mr Ito said. ANA launched the 787 series with a record-setting order of 50 airplanes in April 2004 and has played a vital part in the design of the Dreamliner. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a modern state of the art commercial jetliner which provides exceptional fuel efficiency and superior comfort to passengers. Some of the features you can expect on the aircraft include bigger windows, a lower cabin altitude and cleaner air, electro chromatic shades that allow passengers to dim windows with a push of a button, also larger over head bins and more cabin space than your typical twin aisle plane.According to its website Boeing has already taken 821 orders of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft which costs around AUD200 million.last_img read more

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ If not for the missed field goal, it would have been easy to point at Williams’ fumble as the reason for the loss.Whisenhunt said Williams was “torn up” about what happened, but he also added that he felt Williams made some good runs late in the game. “We thought we had a chance to win the game without ever having to give it back to them,” Whisenhunt said. “This (fumble) was unfortunate.”Whisenhunt said he spoke to Williams about the incident and told him a story about former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis, in which Bettis fumbled in a similar situation during a 2005 playoff game. “In the next two weeks, Jerome was huge for us as far as getting to the Super Bowl,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s the type of mentality that you got to have. You got to learn from it and you got to go forward.” 0 Comments   Share   With just 1:10 remaining on the clock, Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams fumbled at the his own 33-yard line. The New England Patriots recovered it and had a chance to steal a game the Cardinals appeared to have all wrapped up. Then with six seconds remaining and his team down 20-18, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski lined up for a 42-yard field goal to win the game. It sailed wide left. “Our team stuck together and we found a way to win and that really is all that matters,” Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said. “You learn from it. It is a lot easier to learn from it in this situation.” What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinkecenter_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more