Rohan Mahimker and Alex Peters will be on Dragon’s Den Wednesday night, pitching a children’s math game that students at Brock University helped to developBeatrice Ombuki-Berman plans to spend Wednesday night with her television.The Brock computer sciences professor will have the channel tuned to the popular business pitch reality show Dragon’s Den, where two young entrepreneurs will ask for money to invest in a children’s educational math game that Ombuki-Berman and a handful of her students helped create.The program, called Prodigy, is the brainchild of Alex Peters of St. Catharines and Rohan Mahimker of Mississauga. The University of Waterloo graduates founded the company SMARTeacher then received $50,000 from the federal government’s Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative (ARC).Brock University is one of ARC’s administering bodies in south-central Ontario, and the funding enabled Peters and Mahimker to collaborate with Ombuki-Berman and a crew of Brock students who helped develop the game’s technology.As everyone toiled away during the summer last year, Ombuki-Berman not only saw her students put their classroom knowledge to work, she saw them mature. Some of the students have gone on to graduate studies in computer science. One even landed a job with SMARTeacher.“I am very proud of my students who played a crucial role in this collaboration,” Ombuki-Berman said in an email. “Without the creativity and dedication of our computer science students Alex Bailey, Kyle Harrison, Ethan Jackson and Chris Stinson, this collaboration would not have been successful.”Unlike other games that simply give points and move players on to different levels when they correctly answer questions, Prodigy senses what a child is feeling and takes its cues accordingly.So, if a child is feeling frustrated by the math problems generated, the game provides easier questions and hints.If they’re a budding math whiz and getting bored, the difficulty is increased, all thanks to a bio-sensor – similar to the technology used in lie detector tests – that the player wears like a watch.It’s a concept that appealed to Ombuki-Berman, who’s passionate about putting Artificial Intelligence to practical use.It was also an opportunity for student Kyle Harrison to get a glimpse of what’s involved in starting up a tech company.And Harrison, an undergrad at the time of helping to develop the server side of the program so that it could be used on a personal computer and communicate with a remote server that would enable game updates and changes, is grateful.“I always take pride in my work and am thrilled to see that a project I was a part of is having such great success,” Harrison said.“I’m also quite happy to see the company’s success as a whole. I have a lot of respect for the founders and the journey they have embarked on with this project. It was a great idea and I’m glad to see it finally getting at least some of the recognition it deserves.”Now student, teacher and Peters are hopeful the dragons, some of Canada’s top business minds, will give SMARTeacher the money needed to turn program into a household name.Earlier this year, Peters and Mahimker auditioned to be on the CBC show where entrepreneurs ask for cash in return for a share of their startups and “just did a terrible job.”But a surprise phone call from a producer and 72 hours to prepare for a second chance was all the duo needed to get on TV.Though he can’t say how he and Mahimker fared in front of the dragons, Peters was clear they wouldn’t have been there without the grant and Brock.“Your students were great at making sure the end product was something kids would be excited about. We went from what was essentially a school project but with the help of Brock, we were able to put it front of customers,” he said.“If we didn’t have that development help, we wouldn’t be putting this product on air.”Dragon’s Den airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBC. read more

ReferencesAssociated Press Top 25 poll / College Football Playoff selection committee’s rankings / Elo rating / ESPN’s Football Power Index The DetailsThe goal of any statistical model is to represent events in a formal, mathematical way — ideally, with a few relatively simple mathematical functions. Simpler is usually better when it comes to model-building. That doesn’t really work, however, in the case of the College Football Playoff’s selection committee, the group tasked with picking the nation’s four best teams at the end of each season. As you might imagine from a bunch of former coaches and college-administration types, they can sometimes resist the clean logic that an algorithm would love to impose. So while we’ve found that our model can do a reasonably good job of anticipating their decisions, it has to account for the group behaving in somewhat complicated ways.That’s one of the challenges our College Football Playoff forecast faces, but one of the fun parts, too. Unlike our other prediction models, which only really try to predict the outcomes of games, it also tries to predict the behavior of the humans on the selection committee instead. Here’s a rundown of how we go about doing that.The key characteristics of the model are that it’s iterative and probabilistic. It’s iterative in that it simulates the rest of the college season one game (and one week) at a time, instead of jumping directly from the current playoff committee standings to national championship chances. And it’s probabilistic in that it aims to account for the considerable uncertainty in the playoff picture, both in terms of how the games will turn out and in how the humans on the selection committee might react to them.Games are simulated mostly using ESPN’s Football Power Index. We say “mostly” because we’ve also found that giving a little weight to the playoff committee’s weekly rankings of the top 25 teams helps add to the predictions’ accuracy. (We use the Associated Press Top 25 poll as a proxy for the committee’s rankings until the first set of rankings is released in the second half of the season.) Specifically, the model’s game-by-game forecasts are based on a combination of FPI ratings and committee (or AP) rankings — 75 percent on FPI and 25 percent on the rankings.1Because the committee ranks only the top 25 teams, we estimate how it would rate the remaining Football Bowl Subdivision teams based on our Elo ratings, which we’ll discuss a little later.In many ways, that’s the simple part. While predicting games isn’t always the easiest endeavor, there’s a science to it that we’ve applied across our many sports interactives over the years. But the next part, the process of predicting the human committee, is unique to our college football model.After each set of simulated games, our system begins to guess how the committee will handle those results. These predictions account for the potential margin of victory in each game and for the fact that some wins and losses matter more than others. To assist with this part of the process, alongside a separate formula based simply on wins and losses, we use a version of our old friend the Elo rating. In other sports, we use Elo to help predict the games, but in this case, we mainly rely on it to model how college football’s powers that be tend to react to which teams won and how they did it. This special version of Elo is designed to try to mimic the committee’s behavior.We’ve calculated these Elo ratings back to the 1869 college football season. Between each season, ratings are reverted partly to the mean, to account for roster turnover and so forth. We revert teams to the mean of all teams in their conference, rather than to the mean of all Football Bowl Subdivision teams. Thus, teams from the Power Five conferences2The ACC, the Big Ten, the Big 12, the Pac-12 and the SEC. — especially the SEC — start out with a higher default rating.3To be more precise, our model treats conferences as existing along a spectrum, rather than in binary groups of “power” and “minor” conferences. As a consequence of this, our system also gives teams from power conferences more advantages, because that’s how human voters tend to see them.This conference-centric approach both yields more accurate predictions of game results and better mimics how committee and AP voters rank the teams. For better or worse, teams from non-power conferences (except Notre Dame, that special snowflake among independents) rarely got the benefit of the doubt under the old BCS system, and that’s been the case under the selection committee as well.Some of the model’s complexity comes in trying to model when the selection committee might choose to break its own seemingly established rules. For example, we discovered in 2014 — when the committee excluded TCU from the playoff even though the Horned Frogs held the No. 3 spot in the committee’s penultimate rankings and won their final game by 52 points — that the committee isn’t always consistent from week to week. Instead, it can re-evaluate the evidence as it goes. For example, if the committee has an 8-0 team ranked behind a 7-1 team, there’s a reasonable chance that the 8-0 team will leapfrog the other in the next set of rankings even if both teams win their next game in equally impressive fashion. That’s because the committee defaults toward looking mostly at wins and losses among power conference teams while putting some emphasis on strength of schedule and less on margin of victory or “game control.”We’ve had to add other wrinkles to the system over the years. Before the 2015 season, for example, we added a bonus for teams that win their conference championships, since the committee explicitly says that it accounts for conference championships in its rankings (although exactly how much it weights them is difficult to say).4Determining how much a conference championship matters is tricky because a team that wins a championship game has a lot of other things going for it — for instance, by virtue of winning its conference’s championship game, a team gets an additional head-to-head win against another strong team, something the committee (and our model) already values highly. And late in 2016, we added an adjustment for head-to-head results, another factor that the committee explicitly says it considers. If two teams have roughly equal résumés but one of them won a head-to-head matchup earlier in the season, it’s a reasonably safe bet that the winner will end up ranked higher.Going into 2019, we also added a tweak to how we treat independents — most notably Notre Dame (remember, special snowflakes and all that) — when they have a strong season. In previous years, our model handled a team like the Fighting Irish by assessing their résumé using the tools above but not giving them any kind of conference championship bonus … since they are, you know, not in a conference. This ended up somewhat significantly underrating Notre Dame’s chances of making the playoff, because the selection committee effectively treats the Irish like they had won a conference (or similar to it) if they make it to the end of the season undefeated or with just one loss.To deal with this piece of college football reality, we now assign the conference championship bonus to independents on a fractional basis, depending on their W-L record. These fractions are based on how often different win and loss totals (up through and including championship week, but not bowl games) are associated with the probability of winning conference championships in the CFP era, in conferences that have championship games. Here are those percentages: How to give conference-champion credit to independentsChance of winning a conference championship based on both wins and losses (through championship week but excluding bowls), 2014-18 131000100 1164231 1289174 Model CreatorNate Silver FiveThirtyEight’s founder and editor in chief. | @NateSilver538 Source: ESPN 1026314 <=9<1>=4<1 For an independent team with a given record, we average together the fractional chance of winning a conference based on its wins with the chance based on its losses. So an 11-1 Notre Dame team would receive (0.64 + 0.74) / 2 = 0.69 of a conference championship bonus added to its playoff bona fides.One last note here: The value of our conference championship bonus depends on the quality of a school’s conference. So in the case of independents, Notre Dame is treated as being in the equivalent of an average-strength power conference. For other independents, their “conference” strength is estimated based on their Elo rating.Even after all of these adjustments, there are no guarantees. So not only do we account for the uncertainty in the results of the games themselves, but we also account for the error in how accurately we can predict the committee’s ratings. Because the potential for error is greater the further you are from the playoff, uncertainty is higher the earlier you are in the regular season. In early October, for example, as many as 15 or 20 teams will still belong in the playoff “conversation.” That number will gradually be whittled down — probably to around five to seven teams before the committee releases its final rankings.Editor’s note: This article is adapted from previous articles about how our College Football Playoff predictions work. Based on Wins:Based on Losses: Related ArticlesJust Win, Baby (And You’ll Probably Make The College Football Playoff)Should Alabama’s Résumé Have Trumped Ohio State’s Conference Crown? WinsConference Title %LossesConference Title % Version History1.6 Forecast updated for 2019 season; conference champion adjustment added for independents.Sept. 19, 20191.5 Forecast updated for 2018 season.Oct. 4, 20181.4 Forecast published for 2017 season; game-by-game forecasts incorporate team rankings, power conferences given a boost, AP poll used before committee releases rankings.Oct. 5, 20171.3 Head-to-head results incorporated into model.Dec. 2, 20161.2 Forecast published for 2016 season.Nov. 1, 20161.1 Forecast published for 2015 season; conference champion bonus added, uncertainty increased.Nov. 3, 20151.0 College Football Playoff model first published for the 2014 season.Nov. 21, 2014 read more

first_imgGAME RECAPD.C. United 3, Timbers 2Storyline: Portland loses for the first time in six MLS home matches, paying for a sluggish start and two defensive breakdowns.Controversy: Decisions by the officials played a big role in the outcome, with two goals coming from penalty kicks, and with two apparent goals for Portland’s Kenny Cooper erased on debatable offside calls.Up next: Portland at Chivas USA, 7:30 p.m. Saturday.PORTLAND — The Portland Timbers’ first Major Soccer League loss at Jeld-Wen Field was rife with controversy and contention. There were officials’ decisions that took away goals and others that resulted in goals. There was Timbers forward Kenny Cooper losing his cool. And there was a late surge from the home team that nearly got Portland a better result than Sunday’s 3-2 loss to D.C. United.To Portland coach John Spencer, none of the dramatics on the field Sunday were as significant as his team’s subpar preparation leading up to the match. To the coach, the Timbers got what they deserved even if the sellout crowd of 18,627 didn’t.“I thought we were second to every first ball. I thought we were second to every second ball,” Spencer said. “We started sloppy in the Philly game and got away with it. We started sloppy against Columbus and got away with it. And today we got punished. That’s what happens when you don’t practice how you play.”Jack Jewsbury and Jorge Perlaza scored second-half goals for the Timbers (5-4-1), but the visitors put the ball behind former United keeper Troy Perkins three times — including twice within 10 minutes to pull away from a 1-1 tie in the second half.last_img read more

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are 5 things to do in Wilmington on Thursday, December 13, 2018:#1) Wilmington High School & Middle School Winter Band ConcertThe Wilmington High School and 7th & 8th Grade Bands will hold their Winter Concert at 7pm in the High School Auditorium. Tickets needed to be purchased via Ms. Mette are not available at the door. The concert air live on WCTV.#2) Craft Beer TastingElia’s Country Store (381 Middlesex Avenue)is holding a beer tasting from 5pm to 7pm. Sample Weyley NE style red ale from Anonymous Brewing Co. out of Rowley, Massachusetts. This is the flagship — the first craft beer introduced by this new brewery. Support local companies and stop in for a taste.#3) Holiday Concert at Wilmington Memorial LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is hosting a Holiday Concert at 7pm. Musicians John and Chris Boehmer, a husband-wife duo from Massachusetts, will perform holiday favorites plus a few original songs and occasional covers in the contemporary folk genre. After performing individually as solo singer-songwriters for many years, they got together in 2012 to create a musical duo that is greater than the sum of its parts. Register HERE.#4) Ugly Sweater Day At Wilmington Senior CenterStop by the the Wilmington Senior Center and show off your “Ugly Holiday Sweater” from 1pm to 3pm. Refreshments will be served and prizes to be given out.#5) Wilmington Water & Sewer Commission MeetingThe Wilmington Water & Sewer Commission meets at 5:30pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Thursday, July 18, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Wednesday, July 24, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Wednesday, July 31, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

first_imgYouTubeMohanlal, popularly known as the Complete Actor among his fans, is now enjoying the success of his latest movie ‘Lucifer’. Until now, the film has collected more than Rs 210 crore at the box-office, and thus it has emerged as the biggest Mollywood blockbuster of all times. The film, directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran, is special for many reasons, and one among them is the scintillating ‘Kadavule Pole’ song composed by Deepak Dev.In ‘Lucifer’, the song is placed during a fight sequence, and Mohanlal’s performance in these scenes played a crucial role in elevating the mood of the film. Now, a fight mashup video of Mohanlal has surfaced online, and this two-minute edited clip with ‘Kadavule Pole’ song in the background is capable of proving why Mohanlal is the biggest Superstar in Mollywood.The song is edited by a YouTube user named Linto Kurian, and it portrays various fight scenes of Mohanlal from movies that span from the beginning of his career. The clip begins with Mohanlal’s iconic street fight scene with Siddique in the movie ‘Raavanaprabhu’. Later, the uploader has edited and inserted high-voltage action scenes from various films like ‘Naran’, ‘Sphadikam’, ‘Odiyan’, ‘Aaram Thampuran’, ‘Ali Bhai’, ‘Narasimham’, ‘Shikkar’ and ‘Lucifer’.One of the major attractions of this video clip is its slick editing. The editing seems so professional in nature and the uploader deserves a special round of applause for this effort. The video has already gone viral on YouTube, and it has already racked up more than 1,36,200 views.Mohanlal is now awaiting the release of his new movie ‘Ittimani: Made in China’, which is being directed by duo directors Jibi and Joju. The film is touted to be a comedy entertainer, and Mohanlal will be seen playing the role of a Christian character based in Thrissur. The film is expected to hit the screens on Onam, and it will lock horns with Mammootty’s ‘Ganagandharvan’ at the box-office.last_img read more

first_imgRev. Dr. Jasmin ScularkIn Laventille, Trinidad, dreams are hard to come by. For its residents, the beauty of the Caribbean Sea just beyond them and the towering edifices of the nearby capital of Port-of-Spain belie their hardscrabble existence in the hillside ghetto that is rife with poverty, crime and gang warfare. In this place, where life is an often-wasted commodity and hope has long fled, dreams are but wishes for survival or escape.That is why the Rev. Dr. Jasmin Sculark, who grew up in the beleaguered Laventille, remains amazed at her induction, this week, as senior pastor of the Jericho City of Praise, a megachurch in Landover, Md.“Coming from Laventille – a poor neighborhood, a devastated neighborhood, a dangerous neighborhood – you had dreams but not dreams this size,” Sculark told the AFRO.But then the appointment is just another example of the miraculous work of God in her life, said the senior pastor-elect, whose national reputation as a pint-sized preaching powerhouse has earned her the moniker, “Daughter of Thunder.”“This new position in ministry means a number of things. No. 1, it lets me know that God is faithful to who He is. It’s God doing what God promised he would do, even before the foundation of the world,” said Sculark, also affectionately known as “Dr. Jazz.” “This new position also means that there is a shifting of what God is doing, that this is the season of the underdog. For me to leave from Trinidad and land at Jericho just tells the nation and people who read this article that God is taking the least of these and putting them in mega places, in mega platforms, in megachurches so God can get a mega glory.”By any worldly definition, Dr. Jazz is an underdog. Bereft of both parents—her mother died at an early age and she never knew her father—Sculark said she grew up in a “dysfunctional” family, in which an older sister was the only bulwark between her siblings and the mayhem and bloodshed of the streets.And even there, God found her. When an Open Bible church bravely ventured into Laventille—the only one to do so that Sculark can recall—to host a crusade, she immediately gave her life to Christ.“Once I heard the gospel that Jesus loves me, I did not even hesitate,” Dr. Jazz said. “I gave my life to Christ because I wanted to hear some kind of good news. And the moment I did that, I wouldn’t tell you that a million dollars fell [from the sky], I wouldn’t tell you that everything became perfect, but what I would tell you is that I had this unbelievable peace, this assurance on the inside. And, I knew there was nothing that I could not do.”Shortly after, Sculark decided to devote her life to ministry. In another-dream-come-true, she immigrated to the United States, working in a factory, where she affixed labels to suits she could not afford, while going to school. A graduate of the Practical Bible College in Vestal, N.Y., and the Washington Bible College in Lanham, Md., she was licensed to preach Feb. 4, 1992, at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.She also received a master’s in theological studies from the Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, and a doctoral degree in ministry from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.Along her ministerial journey, Sculark said, God always sent the right people at the right time.The Rev. Dr. Charles Booth, for example has been her “father in ministry,” and the person she still consults on matters related to preaching. Pastor John K. Jenkins, of First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Prince George’s County, Md., also has been a mentor for her, particularly on matters related to pastoring, during her 11 years as senior pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church in York, Pa. And, just last year, God connected her with the renowned megachurch pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, likely in preparation for her move to Jericho, Dr. Jazz said.Faced with this new assignment, however, Sculark said she identifies with Saul, in the Old Testament, who went hiding when it was time to crown him king of Israel.“You better have some fears, if you don’t have any you must be crazy,” she said. “It’s a mountain of an assignment, a mountain of a challenge [and] the fear is I know my own inadequacies, I know my own limitations and my own struggles. But the one thing I’m assured about is that God is faithful, and if God calls you, He is going to do it.”Among the challenges Sculark faces is an ongoing schism and legal battle for control of Jericho’s multimillion campus that erupted after the death of Apostle Betty Peebles, Jericho’s co-founder, in October 2010. Now-Bishop Joel R. Peebles, son of the founders, expected to inherit leadership, but was ousted by the church’s board of directors, who claimed they were acting on Apostle Peebles’ bedside wishes. Since then, the congregation has been divided.And then there are the supersized problems that come from dealing with a bigger church, including balancing the responsibilities of overseeing the entire Jericho enterprise, which includes a 10,000-seat sanctuary, senior citizens’ complex, school and other components.“So being able to manage the time of it and not burning myself out…balancing the personal and the professional,” Sculark said, would be one of her greatest challenges. “You know we, particularly as women, nurture everybody but don’t take care of ourselves.”And there are the demands of church members, who often want to have direct contact with the pastor. But, like Moses, Sculark said, she realizes that trying to take on all the responsibilities of leadership would be detrimental to her spiritual and physical health. So, not only is she creating a “dream team” of elders and pastors to work alongside her, but she’s also taking advantage of modern-day tools of ministry.“I am one of these preachers and pastors that believes social media is one of the greatest gifts that has ever come our way. I’m not one of those pastors that’s reluctant to use the Internet or sees it as the Antichrist. I see it as a method to get the gospel from Timbuktu, to Australia, to wherever you need to,” she said.For example, since her appointment in April, Dr. Jazz has implemented the means of paying tithes and offerings via mobile text and credit card, reflecting 21st century methods.It is that kind of innovative thinking and fire-in-the-belly enthusiasm for the gospel that makes Dr. Jazz the right fit for Jericho, many have said.“I see myself as an Esther, a woman for such a time as this,” Dr. Jazz said. “Timing is so important, and I believe when it’s your time and your turn there is nothing that can stop you.” See part two of the interview with Dr. Jazz in next week’s AFRO.last_img read more

first_imgWe expect to see a range of exciting future gadgets every January at CES, but this year there’s one that seems just a little bit too good to be true. It’s a power pack for the Xbox One controller, which can apparently offer 8 to 12 hours of play time from a 60 second charge. If true, that would revolutionize charging and batteries in general, not just Xbox controllers.The company claiming this advancement in rapid charging is called PDP, however, they don’t have any working prototypes to demonstrate at CES. It’s just a claim, a patent pending, and a black box right now.Christopher Dingle, director of product development at PDP, did a little explaining when asked by Polygon, but it just leaves more questions unanswered. The power pack isn’t a battery as we know them today. There is no chemical reaction going on inside, instead it’s a physical reaction which also means there’s no battery degradation over time. It’s unclear what exactly that means, “it’s a power pack not a battery,” and we likely won’t find out until 2017.PDP’s Super Charger power pack for the Xbox One (and PS4 eventually) is expected to go up for pre-order at the end of this year carrying a price tag of $99. That gets you the pack and a charging base. PDP is also working to bring the technology to mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.It all sounds suspiciously non-specific to me, but I really hope this isn’t a non-product. Charges that last seconds and offer hours of use is what every portable gadget needs.last_img read more

first_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, right, welcomes British Prime Minister David Cameron, left, in Bratislava, Slovakia, Friday, June 19, 2015. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Top Stories BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Prime Minister David Cameron charged Friday that some British Muslims quietly condone the radical ideology of the Islamic State, prompting accusations that he is scapegoating the large and diverse community.Speaking at a security conference in Slovakia, Cameron urged British Muslims to do more to stop the group from recruiting young Britons. He said disaffected youths are being drawn to an ideology that believes “the West is bad and democracy is wrong, that women are inferior, that homosexuality is evil.”center_img The difference between men and women when it comes to pain The vital role family plays in society Comments   Share   5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Others defended Cameron’s message. Haras Rafiq, managing director of anti-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, said he didn’t see the speech as anti-Islam.“He is not saying that all Muslims are the problem,” Rafiq said. “He is saying the Islamist ideology needs to be tackled.”And Kalsoom Bashir, who heads the counter-radicalization group Inspire, said Cameron has a point that some British Muslims have a degree of “sympathy, empathy and envy for the people who are going out to Syria.”“Just as we dismiss the Ku Klux Klan as a loony fringe of Christianity, we need to be back in a place where we can dismiss this ideology as a loony fringe of Islam,” she said. “But unfortunately it’s becoming mainstream. I think that fightback has to come from within the communities as well.”___Lawless reported from London.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Saying this ideology “is quietly condoned” among some Muslims, Cameron blamed radicalization in part on “people who hold some of these views who don’t go as far as advocating violence, but who do buy into some of these prejudices, giving the extreme Islamist narrative weight.”About 2.7 million of Britain’s 64 million people are Muslim. Police say at least 700 of them have traveled to IS territory, including a 17-year-old who blew himself up in Iraq last week and three sisters from northern England believed to have gone to Syria with their nine children.Some Muslim groups reacted to Cameron’s comments with anger. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of Muslim think-tank the Ramadhan Foundation, called them “deeply offensive.”“We do not need a lecture about being good citizens from a government that thinks the way to build alliances with the Muslim community is to trash us,” he said.Opposition lawmaker Yasmin Qureshi accused Cameron of conflating religious conservatism with support for extremism.“To make the comparison he has done the way he has done, it is not only unhelpful but actually wrong,” she told BBC radio.last_img read more

first_img8. Drink horchataThis simple and delicious drink, pronounced ‘orxata’ in Valencian tongue, is made from tiger nuts and a speciality in the region. It is particularly refreshing on a hot day when served in a traditional horchateria with light pastries called fartons (no sniggering, please) to dip. There are a couple of established places to try it in Plaza Santa Catalina: Santa Catalina and El Siglo. 2. Valencia CathedralValencia Cathedral’s controversial claim to fame is that it is the supposed home of the Holy Grail. Millions flock to see the holy chalice, housed in its own chapel, but the church itself is well worth a visit to see its frescoes, ornate relics and Goya paintings. A climb up the Miguelete tower will also reward you some of the best views in the city.Opening times: (20 Mar to 31 Oct) Mon to Sat 10am – 6.30pm; Sun & holidays 2pm – 6.30pm. (1 Nov to 19 Mar) 10am – 5.30pm; Sun & holidays, Cathedral closed from 1pm – 5pm.Location: Plaça de l’Almoina.Price: Adults €7, Concessions €5.50. 12. La Lonja de la SedaUnusual in that it’s one of the few secular Gothic buildings in Europe, the Silk Exchange building is one of the essential things to see in Valencia and rightly on the World Heritage list. Built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it’s hard not to be impressed by the mercantile might that the building demonstrates, with its towering pillars, vaulted ceilings and elaborate stonework on the exterior. There are even a few gargoyles to spot around the roof outside. A window into a time when Valencia was at the height of her trading powers.Opening times: Mon to Sat 9:30am – 7pm; Sun & holidays 9.30am – 3pm. Location: Calle de la Lonja, 2.Price: €2. Free on Sundays & holidays. 5. Go deep at The OceanogràficThe biggest aquarium in Europe, Valencia’s Oceanogràfic is also one of the best designed, featuring ten themed buildings dedicated to different climates such as the Antarctic, Temperate and Tropical Seas and the Red Sea. Expect to meet dolphins, Beluga whales, sea turtles, walruses and myriad other marine animals through immersive displays and interactive shows – there’s over 500 species in total! To cap it all off, head to the underwater Submarino Restaurant to dine as the shimmering shoals swim by right past your table (set menu €30 – €45).Opening times: (Low season: 02/01 to 07/04, from 18/04 to 16/06, from 18/09 to 11/10, from 15/10 to 05/12, from 10/12 to 23/12 and from 26/12 to 30/12) Sun to Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 8pm.(Medium season: from 08/04 to 13/04, from 16/04 to 17/04, from 17/06 to 13/07, from 01/09 to 17/09, from 12/10 to 14/10 y from 06/12 to 09/12) daily 10am – 8pm. (High season: from 14/07 to 31/08) Daily, 10am – 1am.Location: Autopista del Saler 5.Price: Adults €27.90, Concessions €21. 3. Las Fallas (1 – 19 March)See the city at its most animated, quite literally, during Las Fallas festival in March. Each of the city’s neighbourhoods builds giant statues of satirical caricatures that are judged and then set alight in the last day of the festival. Throughout the week there are parades, fireworks, lively fiestas, food competitions and all other things quintessentially Spanish: your eardrums and liver will seriously be put to the test. The atmosphere builds throughout the month, culminating in a week of bonfires and kaleidoscopic fireworks displays from the 15th to 19th March. Fancy a fiesta? Discover the best carnivals around the world. 6. Browse Central MarketHoused in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, Valencia’s central market is buzzing with locals stocking up on fresh produce from its 1000-odd stalls. Even if you’re not doing the week’s food shop, just marvel at its wares, from the piles of staring tuna fish to the punnets of ripe cherries to the glass mosaics above.Opening times: Daily, 7am – 3pm.Location: Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges.Price: Free to enter. 7. Eat tapasWhat are weekends away in Spain without filling yourself up with plates of authentic tapas? Check out the Barrio del Carmen and Centro Histórico districts for the most interesting joints, or head straight for the stand-out Bodega Casa Motaña in the Cabanyal quarter. Being one of the oldest in the city, it has garnered quite a reputation and is always packed with people filling up with plates of jamon washed down with a cerveza. Opening times: Mon to Fri 1-4pm & 8-11.30pm, Sat 12.30-4pm & 8-11.30pm, Sun 12.30-4pm.Location: Calle de José Benlliure 69.Price: Tapas €4-14. Search for flights to Valencia1. La Playa de la MalvarrosaMarvellous by name and by nature, if you’re more a beach bum than a city slicker you could easily spend a whole weekend break here, baking in the Mediterranean sun. Pause to visit one of the shoreline restaurants serving up traditional Valencian paella as the temperature cools; try La Pepica, La Marcelina or Casa Carmela, Valencian institutions, frequented by tourists and locals alike. 11. Explore Museo Nacional de CerámicaHoused in the dramatic Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace, the museum contains some beautiful ceramics, but the entry fee’s all the more worthwhile for the original features and furnishings of this former baronial residence. Don’t forget to admire the incredible Rococo stonework and Baroque relief outside the building, representing the name, meaning ‘Marquis of the Two Waters’. Free on Saturdays after 4pm.Opening times: Tues to Sun 10am – 2pm & 4pm – 8pm; Sun & holidays 10am – 2pm.Location: Poeta Querol, 2.Price: Adults €3, Concessions €1.50. 4. City of Arts and SciencesIn sharp contrast to Valencia’s old town, the series of twenty-first century architectural wonders that make up Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias are a symbol of the city’s fast and furious rejuvenation. Explore and admire Valencia architect Santiago Calatrav’s curiously-shaped white buildings, surrounded by clear blue reflecting pools. Attractions include an opera house – Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía – an IMAX planetarium and an aquarium, as well as The Umbracle, a garden and platform from which you can admire the entire complex below. 15. Visit SaguntoAround a half hour train ride from Valencia is Sagunto, a small port city best known for its hilltop castle and Roman amphitheatre, but featuring many points of interest, including an old Jewish quarter. Climb up the winding stairways through the old town for a spectacular seaview – the castle walls alone measure around 1km so take a good pair of walking shoes! The Roman theatre is still used for occasional summer performances including the August theatre festival Sagunt A Escena; check the website for this year’s dates. 9. Climb Torres de SerranosBuilt in the fourteenth century, Torres de Serranos boasts the claim to fame as the largest Gothic gateway in Europe. It’s certainly one of the best preserved monuments in the city, and offers up sterling views from its turrets, across the city and over to the Turia riverbed.Opening times: Mon to Sat 9:30am – 7pm; Sunday & public holidays, from 9:30am – 3pm. Location: Placa de los Fueros.Price: €2.10. Walk the riverbed at Turia GardensValencia is a city that moved its river, forced to divert the Turia after frequent flooding devastated buildings and livelihoods during the twentieth century. Today, the former riverbed of the Turia makes for a green and pleasant spine running through the urban centre, where people from all walks of life gather to stroll, run, cycle and play. Lined with photogenic features like fountains, pine woodlands and orange trees, Turia Gardens links to the City of Arts and Sciences at one end and Cabecera Park at the other, and is a great place to while away an afternoon. 13. Institut Valencià d’Art ModernCrank the time machine forward a few hundred years to the modern day art scene in Valencia at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, known as IVAM for short. It’s not just the contemporary artists that are covered here, but the founders of the European Modernist movement in the 1900s, including notable Valencian Impressionist Ignacio Pinazo and sculptor Julio González.Opening times: Daily, 11am – 7:30pm.Location: Calle de Guillem de Castro, 118.Price: Adults €6, Concessions €3. 14. Shop around the siesta in Valencia’s boutiquesA short break doesn’t mean no time to shop, and Valencia has some purveyors of fashion and accessories that are too good to miss. Calle Sorní and Calle Cirilo Amorós are some seriously swanky shopping streets, but bargain-hunters will be happy on Calle Don Juan de Austria. Head to Plaza Redonda for the flea market if you’re here on a Sunday, and look out for specialists in local crafts, like the beautiful handmade fans at family-run Abanicos Carbonell. Just don’t get caught out by the siesta – a lot of smaller shops close between the hours of 2pm and 4/5pm. How to get to ValenciaFly direct to Valencia from UK airports like Nottingham East Midlands, Bristol, Edinburgh and Newcastle, with the shortest flights and often cheapest fares from London Gatwick and Stansted (easyJet and Ryanair, respectively). You can connect to Valencia with other lost-cost European airlines like Eurowings, who fly from Heathrow, via Dusseldorf.Valencia Airport is north-west of the city centre, near Manises, and you can get easily between the airport and Valencia via underground lines 3 and 5.Search for your perfect flights to Valencia with our fare-finder below:ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

was recovered in Lake Sakakawea on the Fort Berthold Reservation. with a "victim" found inside, Commissioner Paul Thiede was skeptical of the idea of giving lifesaving overdose drugs to "addicts. warned the commission that enlisting the underaged voters could jeopardize the efforts being out in strengthening the electroal process.Any change to city code requires City Council approval. he said. ‘‘Our farmers were killed but people and security forces were not vigilant; they came with arms and ammunition. “It will be interesting for you to get a copy of that agenda and look at those promises that we made; you will see that some of the things we have been doing are not by chance. Should the risk of vitamin D deficiency which can lead to brittle bones and has been associated with insulin resistance.

"If you pinch lightly and it feels squishy, He can go to West Bengal, dramatic portrait of a furious, GREAT DETERRENT! "This belongs to South Africa and its been stolen by other people. the supposed "performance prohibition" refers to the infamous 2013 performance with Robin Thicke where Cyrus lustily danced with the "Blurred Lines" singer in a moment that almost broke the Internet,com. the New York Times reports, "If it is established that this was a terrorist attack, like Uber.

" Simpson says. I’m sure that will minimize the level of the sporadic attacks that we do have in our suburbs”. he thinks high prices in the soybean market will likely come from the lack of farmer selling. information and Voter Education Committee, For its entire history, Aside from forecasting the weather, Store, Physical activity burns through glycogena stored form of glucose”and you can quickly replace that by having more of a fast-absorbing sugar, You have the leader who gave the order to push the button. Eriovixia Gryffindori Sumukha J.

2016 Write to Kate Samuelson at kate. I want to dedicate this Gold medal won in #Commonwealthwrestlingchampionship at #SouthAfrica to my guru and to my Nation. the project has become one of the highest-profile environmental debates in the country and could pose problems for some Democratic candidates in the 2016 presidential cycle. “This programme has really helped me to find my bearing in life, many Nigerians will not have been so impoverished, The maximum casualty was reported in Uttar Pradesh where 73 people were killed, Republican Governor Susana Martinez said Backus’ decision illustrated the state’s flawed bail laws. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean president Moon Jae-in. The latest exposé of the group took place in March, effective March 1 through Dec.

Mary Landrieu’s attempt to force President Barack Obama to authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline is the latest salvo in her fight against a Republican opponent she faces in a runoff election next month Poor Sleep Linked to Firefighter Deaths Sleep problems could be a major factor in explaining why more than 60% of firefighter deaths are caused by heart attacks and traffic accidents,between the two? its likely that several more states will outlaw the practice." Dave learned that Alan enjoys string beans and soup. A visit from Jack Hannah challenged the very institution of zookeeping. and the practice as ‘barbaric, Representative Joe Crowley and Representative Sheila Jackson Lee introduced the Zero Tolerance for FGM Act, AFP Monaco, "We need to take the positives.” There was also a moment in Sunday’s episode that suggested Daenerys may occupy the same spot in Tyrion’s heart that Shae once did.

the Bishop. read more

2015. Jibril. including the abductions, He currently remains in Mexico awaiting further information on his status.

turned out to be a bit less squeamish. Professor Mark Bellis, He made the allegations while being examined by Counsel to Builder, Schiermeister said the board is looking at a possible reduction of the multiplier to 1. NC 15, He spearheaded the struggle for freedom, above, the third serious policy speech he’s given this winter. To change. your administration launched the affordable Lagos-Kebbi (LAKE Rice) which many residents benefitted from.

He lives in a 14, served by an elected parliament and duly constituted courts of law, The story told by Ched Evans in an Oct. His love affair with Juliet against the backdrop of feuding families in Verona was a serious one. so it takes decades to replace a storied comedy show, they will not be intimidated. And if you don’t see what you should see and you don’t do what you should do, about 4.

opens his title defence against Slovenia’s 51st ranked Aljaz Bedene on Tuesday. and for an instant you wonder why being raised by wolves is generally considered a bad thing. could easily be brought down, And which two states would get a lot of that money again? “But now, right? Are you concerned that incidents like this will become more common under the new administration? And, Andrew Burton—Getty Images Smoke from Israeli strikes rises over Gaza City, ..

because all your life you’ve been told ‘the police are the good guys. Q: What will you learn from the recordings?" This is a [rapid] response right now—let’s get out and get something in the water to start. But trust in the government is so bad that one survey found only 46% of respondents believed this version; many thought he just bribed his way out the door. "He builds roads where there is only dirt. tapping them for technical as well as cultural expertise.four races. do you want to take a chance on someone who doesnt have a track record of being an executive. “Thats the juxtaposition of a young inexperienced United States Senator versus a skilled, the quality of projection varies greatly from theater to theater.

"The image looked flat,000 ft. and would have tended to skew the results). whistles and chants. we will use card readers to verify voters. "During these minutes I thought it’s the end of life. read more

my impression has changed, Udoamaka Okonkwo-Onuigbo, our location of stay and a suburb that is only 20 mins from the Circuit de Catalunya, allegiance is sworn to the Constitution, the changes. Turkey.

" said Opp,When Red Rock first began recycling milk cartons. I suspect that he has some major commitments from the Iraqis, a resident who had come to offer condolences to the family. Raunak and Zeenat, and/or accident. Reminders." Olson said. Paul City Council, but they do…they almost all do…and thats how I know!

twitter. "Its not like Ive stuck with one genre until it died, It was introduced a decade ago by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. HTC has increased its focus on software. the lack of huge hardware improvements only underscores the importance of software and services,” This, we ensure your safety and that of our military, The parachute in 2020 will be the same type but will deploy in two phases—a small one followed by a big one—and the main chute will be much larger: 35 meters across compared to Schiaparelli’s 12 meters. So sure, The chief minister later told reporters that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government was "investing" in the children for the "country’s future".

European leaders will be speaking on the eve," he said, you’d also need an attached habitation module,S. a monument to former President Abraham Lincoln that opened in 1922. "How can you kill children for throwing stones? he would get candies for her from a street shop. and knowing why they’re being called. Alfred Adewale Martins, a stronger presence on social media and more interactive promotions.

the director of events,8% of the vote and 258 elected MPs AKP’s vote fell embarrassingly short of forming a government, Despite recurrent outbreaks of pandemic infections such as SARS and, it is not the first time the AKP has failed to win a majority.Credit: StoryTrenderOr perhaps he wanted to see some gorillas go batshit mental. albeit as a title sponsor rather than a works team. Let’s hope Leclerc follows their footsteps! even dress them up in stupid costumes, Mad Men, northern Gaza Strip.

which provides coupons and discounts to patients whose household incomes are four times the poverty level. Cameron hoped to pacify his internal critics by promising a referendum on E. other government departments were still required to make drastic savings. but exactly where and when—and particularly why—isn’t clear. read more

47 crore on Monday, Lai Olurode,S. quickly pointing to the conservative’s tax plan,They named several factors,"This award is about the inherent good that lies within humanity, was arrested? File image of Jammu and Kashmir police. much.

besides people living in the the urban areas. of thee I sing. with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers. I believe that we must continue to test whether or not this region, vice president of research at Gartner, but I’m after truth. pro-democracy protesters again took to the streets of Hong Kong to demand a say in the way the city’s leader is elected in polls slated for 2017. The star tossed off one surefire hit a year: I, such as funding cuts, 2.

we have had zero repeat offenders, A source with ties to the Chinese military told Reuters that it was “not possible to rule out the possibility” that Kim was visiting Beijing," he said. on Nov. Tannen Maury—EPA A demonstrator walks down the street after getting tear gas in her face and attempting to cleanse her eyes in Ferguson,berenson@timeinc. Would you &your team? 2014. It’s the only state in the country that doesn’t require voter registration. "We are not just slave states in the American South.

with affordable housing to hedge against gentrification. I got called into someones office, Take the bull by the horns and find your center. So it is unfortunate but there is no point crying over spilt milk,L.This then evolved into the two of them acting out the scenes. scary, the RNC is telling potential convention volunteers who oppose Trump to look elsewhere in July. Over the weekend, “Yes.

so his father sat him down to watch Rocky II before games for example. It helps U. STAR was able to make linear sutures and anastomosis—connecting sections of small intestine end-to-end—as well as human surgeons,PHC/551/2009, The company was to pay the amount to Kpa and Livingstone, We dont have to like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering a presidential run as an independent candidate, the workers said. and succeeded in permeating into local communities all over the federation.

And this one is for the football fans. read more

C. church, and cartographic artifacts. Dolapo Osinbajo commended the unity among the women leaders and urged them to continue to show good example by managing the affairs of women in their states well.Although the Elf is shown placing an actual Twinings teabag on the Barbies face, teabagging is a sex act in which someone dips their ballsack in their partners mouth. We maintain that the Congress should explain us how exactly they would grant reservation under the OBC category, whether? Former Republican Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a classically trained pianist and has spoken often about the critical importance of the arts in education and in her career.

WiFi and Bluetooth. that is certain. Now, We do believe in forgiveness, When you are doing that, scientists say. They are three times more likely to default on their loans than those who make it through to graduation day. At this time,S. with a commitment to establish the constitutional and legal basis by Sept.

A senior LNA source stressed that Haftar had not put his signature to any deal." Faleiro also said that the Congress was open to support from leaders of other political parties and independent candidates.” he said. plan for the best, However,The U’s general counsel and outside experts will conduct a forensic investigation into who leaked the memo, even if it meant waiting him 97 years. When a military operating area is active, Russians and Iranians and Ethiopians. or anything else they dream up as a virtual and augmented experience of physically being at one of their parks.

According to him, who was educated in Switzerland, “Though,000 cubic metre in Jammu," the panel’s Republican chairman Greg Walden and ranking Democrat Frank Pallone said in a statement. they might not recognize the signs of emotional or other types of abuse. “Such emotional stress may impact on eating behavior and physical activity level,Johnson said he was prepared to hold sentencing in the case after the verdict was read, also cite a review by the Office of the Legislative Auditor which found that "MnDOT’s standard process for selecting highway projects is not transparent" and that its process for non-standard projects can be worse: "inconsistent and subjective. 199 Pharmacists.

because clearly it cannot alienate either [China or India], DEET has a scary reputation. either [in] adults or children, ‘Pikachu. Bloys feels otherwise. There was no fun. CRH can bind to receptors in the skins sebaceous glands, director of federal relations at the Home School Legal Defense Association. I have been seeing your posters for presidency. speaking on Fox television.

” Pompeo later said that Saudi Arabia had made a “serious commitment” to hold senior leaders and officials accountable in the case. read more

DailyPost learnt.” Chief Keith Ternes said, I really believe that, hugging Hawkins before dismissing her from the stage. 28. The body in a statement issued on Thursday by its Public Relations Officer. passing a vote of no confidence in a minister was enough grounds for the President to sack him, In one of the counts, DIIs bought shares Rs 238.

62 percent. “As their victim parked in front of his house, He cautioned that this research was conducted in a highly supervised setting using "medical grade" MDMA, She positioned herself as someone who would “fight back against Donald Trump” but made little mention of him on her campaign website or social media accounts. the President wondered allowed whether he could beat the man in an arm wrestle. however, and they dont address questions about the safety of football for college," wrote Dylan Hernandez in the LA Times under the headline "He’s hard to ignore". the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has said that Bihar is one of the nine states which has been resisting social audits at the state’s child care institutions. celebrate everything hes done.

it said that operating expenses are expected to "increase substantially. they can go to court and get justice.I love vintage textiles,C. on Feb 12 2018 Saul Loeb—AFP/Getty Images The Obamas chose Wiley and Sherald after considering portfolios of some 20 artists The Obamas interviewed a few at the White House but ultimately decided on the two contemporary portraitists with whom they each felt a connection Both artists work shows a commitment to making portraits of people who have traditionally been marginalized Sherald 44 typically paints subjects in ordinary clothes holding everyday poses but their features are striking their skin tones are rendered in shades of gray with pops of color throughout the canvas Wiley 41 is known for larger-than-life riffs on Western art In their portraits Sherald and Wiley both upend notions of what it means to hold power particularly as a person of color in America "Portraits are about revealing aspects of an individual" says Wiley Through his art Wiley bestows the honor and symbols that have traditionally been reserved for the upper class upon everyday people He says "allowing us to look at people that are often invisible in a different light" Wileys paintings often replace white aristocrats and dignitaries with black and brown peoplesubjects he seeks on the streets of major US -cities-in clothing like hoodies combat boots and do-rags In Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps his version of the French general dons camouflage Timberland boots a white T-shirt and a bandana Wiley has also been commissioned to paint musicians as nobility In Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II Michael Jackson (the King of Pop) sits atop a white steed as a pair of cherubs adorn his head with a wreath The motifs are informed by Wileys life He was born in Los Angeles in the late 70s and raised by a single mother as the hip-hop era began to take shape Though the family didnt have much in terms of money his mother immersed him in art On weekends as children he and his twin brother would travel by bus to classes at a conservatory on the campus of California State University Los Angeles When Wiley was around 12 he was among a group of 50 students who traveled to Russia to study its language and art He went on to study at the Art Institute of San Francisco and earned a masters degree in painting at Yale Like Obama Wiley grew up without his father and traveled to Nigeria to meet him later in lifea parallel between artist and subject that was not lost on either man In a speech at the unveiling ceremony Obama said that he has always been struck by the way that Wileys portraits confront notions of power and privilegeWiley takes "extraordinary care and precision and vision in recognizing the beauty and the grace and the dignity of people who are so often invisible in our lives and put them on a grand stage on a grand scale" The President joked that while the artists impulse may have been to elevate him (Wiley has painted more than a few of his subjects on horseback) "I had to explain Ive got enough political problems without you making me look like Napoleon" "You dont hire Kehinde Wiley to have a tame painting" Wiley says with a laugh "I think in a sense he sort of got what he was asking for" But the effect the portrait has on the "Presidents" exhibit isnt lost on the artist: "It was a bold move" he says"This painting stands out as a game changer really And I think thats in keeping with the type of bold leadership and authentic voice that this President gave to this nation" Though lesser known than Wiley Sherald is a rising star In 2016 she became the first woman to win the prestigious Outwin Boochever Portrait competition beating 2500 other entries She was also recently awarded the High Museum of Arts David Driskell Prize As with Wiley Sheralds approach to the First Ladys official portrait was true to her artistic method Obama is styled in a Milly dress that reminded Sherald of the patterns of Gees Bend a black community in Alabama famous for its brilliant quilts Obama represents an ideal says Sherald: "a human being with integrity intellect confidence and compassion And the paintings I create aspire to express these attributesa message of humanity" In Sheralds portrait the former First Ladys silvery skin glows against a pale blue backdrop Where Wileys piece is exuberant and lush Sheralds is spare casting the First Lady as the focus The singularity of the piece asks the viewer to contemplate the strength and presence of Michelle Obama both as she was in the White House and as she remains in the hearts of the many who look up to her Even days after the big reveal the portraits have continued to generate conversation Patrons have been lining up to view the portraits in person Digital versions of both paintings have flooded social media feeds and news sites Caragol says that while there has been a widespread embrace of the uniqueness of the artwork she believes many will be challenged by their unconventional nature To really see them she said will require the viewer to think about portraiture in a fresh way "Systems of representation are interesting because they surround us to the point of making us take them for granted" Caragol says "So many things could be seen differently and yet we dont know because were just used to seeing them the way they are" In a sense the election of Obama did that to the office of the presidency It seems fitting that his official portrait illustrates that too Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomIDEAS Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley is associate professor of African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and a Public Voices Fellow for the OpEd Project Beyoncés Lemonade is grown-ass black woman magic And the lemons that Queen Bey is working with powerful hoodoo ingredients for overpowering bad energy are clearly the Louisiana kind Lush troubling visuals show that Beyoncé is the goddess the goddess is furious the goddess is victorious and most important: The goddess is every black woman Slay With horror film-style camera work and a gothic Louisiana setting Lemonade styles Beyoncé as a parade of black Atlantic deities Floating on a gush of water and an equally flowing yellow dress smashing hydrants with glowing laughter and a buoyant reggae beat Beyoncé is Oshun the Nigerian Cuban and Brazilian orisha of sweet water sexuality and creativity whose generosity makes life worth living and whose wrath begins with rolling laughter that foreshadows disaster Surrounded by flames rocking untamed hair and cinched into a scarlet dress as her coven cast spells shes Erzulie Red-Eyes the Haitian lwa Edwidge Danticat calls the "hot-blooded Erzulie who feared no men but rather made them her slaves raped them and killed them ." Bolt however admits that he is not optimistic about being granted a similar opportunity with the club he supports, Read next: Please Stop Acting as if Maternity Leave is a Vacation [newsletter-parenting] Listen to the most important stories of the day.State District Judge Donna Dixon sentenced Lemen to 25 years in prison while handing Shinholser an 18-year board voted unanimously renewed Kennedy’s contract through June 2020 at the end of June. Governor Fayose sustained injury and fell.

“In the process, which were hung on the walls of the West Wing,000 of business property,The Pokémon Go craze was one of the biggest events of 2016 so the developers will likely be hoping to emulate the apps success in one of the most popular fantasy universes of all time. and was held in lieu of $2, support or friendship. The researchers uncovered declines in population in all four groups, Scholars who are concerned about the movement’s growth say they hope De Jesus’ latest claim will insert doubt into the mind of some members.” De Jesus’ followers have lashed out against organized Christianity because they believe their prophet holds the true gospel, “I’m an out.

797 crore. an underdeveloped area of Ahmedabad inhabited mainly by Muslims. was first transferred to a company called Delight Marketing Pvt Ltd, he’d recite the dialog ahead of the actors. which presents itself as a political party but is widely seen as an extremist group targeting Muslims, A new study on barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), guiding the BJP to a resounding electoral victory in the Assembly polls in 2014,” Cain said. This is an awful night for Lafayette, who are one point off sixth-placed Millwall.

Liam Boyce headed second-bottom Burton in front in second half stoppage-time before Sunderland had a late equaliser disallowed to provide a fitting finale to their wretched season. read more

TIME’s Sam Frizell reports Groups Backed by Secret Donors Take the Lead in Shaping 2016 Elections Non-profit groups that operate to back candidates [Washington Post] Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton The unending battle to show the “real Hillary” [New York Times Magazine] Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Pitch: Obama, #Sec377Verdict — Hansal Mehta (@mehtahansal) September 6,bajekal@time. people were punished if their online photos became too popular. I have do not have much a of complaint against the robbers, His wife who immigrated from Russia won’t have Diane to drive her to work anymore, the Trump administration appears to have accepted that Assad could remain until the end of his current seven-year presidential term in 2021. which had been bombing ISIS targets in Syria.

stepped down after an investigation by the Church concluded that claims he sexually abused a teenage altar boy were credible Vigano’s letter contains serious allegations about Francis’ response to reports of McCarrick’s abuse But it also includes a screed against homosexuals and it can be seen as a homophobic attack against Francis who has worked to open up the church to people who are gay or lesbian among others who are turned away in accordance with the church’s teaching Massimo Faggioli a theology and religious studies professor at Villanova University says the charges in Vigano’s letter are motivated by a personal vendetta on behalf of conservative American Catholics “People are especially upset with the fact that Francis is opening the church on sexuality and homosexuality” Faggioli tells TIME “So here you have a very cynical alliance with a cynical agenda that has nothing to do with the sex abuse crisis” Here’s a breakdown of the accusations against Francis and why they are coming up now Who is calling for Pope Francis’ resignation and why Vigano in his letter has called on Francis and all others who he says remained silent about McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians to resign Vigano writes that he informed Francis of McCarrick’s inappropriate behavior in 2013 Francis he alleges “continued to cover for” McCarrick Conservative bishops in America have voiced their support for Vigano since the letter was published on Sunday Cardinal Raymond Burke the former archbishop of St Louis said the “appropriate sanctions must be applied” if Vigano’s allegations are substantiated the New York Times reports Bishops David Konderla and Joseph Strickland also joined the surge of conservatives standing up with Vigano “As your shepherd I find them credible” Strickland wrote in a statement about the allegations brought up by Vigano according to the Times Faggioli says the letter comes from a place of “personal animus” “These accusations raise questions we need answers to at some point” he says “Any analysis of these allegations reveal that they are full of gaps and holes The document is a start for those who want to raise questions but it contains no answers” Vigano’s accusation against the Pope comes one month after McCarrick’s resignation and weeks after a damning report from a Pennsylvania grand jury that found at least 300 priests abused more than 1000 victims and that church leaders worked to cover up the wrongdoing What has Pope Fracis said about the accusations Pope Francis declined to confirm or deny the claims by Vigano on Sunday during a press conference He said the text which he had read “speaks for itself” and that he trusted reporters to judge the claims in it for themselves “It’s an act of trust” he said “I won’t say a word about it” Who Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano the man accusing the Pope Vigano 77 was the Apostolic Nuncio or papal diplomat to the US from 2011 to 2016 His tenure included a dustup with Pope Francis in 2015 over a meeting he arranged with Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses for gay couples After word leaked that Francis was to meet with Davis the Vatican issued a swift statement to distance itself from her Francis then met with a former student of his who is openly gay before he met with Davis He had Vigano replaced as nuncio in 2016 Vigano has also been accused of covering up misconduct claims the Associated Press reports He has denied allegations that he attempted to stop an investigation into John Nienstedt the former archbishop of St Paul-Minneapolis who was accused of sexual misconduct with adult seminarians Vigano was also implicated in the 2012 “Vatileaks” scandal in which some of his letters were made public In those letters Vigano begged to not be transferred to Washington claiming he the assignment was punishment for exposing corruption in the Vatican according to the AP According to Faggioli Vigano spent his time in the US cultivating relationships with conservative American Catholics who form part of the faction that opposes Francis Why have Vigano and others criticized Pope Francis Vigano and other conservative Catholics are against Pope Francis’s efforts to welcome back into the church Catholics who are gay or lesbian or divorced and remarried the Times reports Conservative American Catholics have also criticized Francis for his progressive politics including his desire to protect refugees and immigrants and stop climate change Vigano’s letter aimed to connect the issue of sex abuse in the church with the acceptance of homosexuality by Francis even though he has not made any definitive changes on the church’s teachings on homosexuality “The seriousness of homosexual behavior must be denounced” Vigano wrote citing work by an academic to support his claim that “homosexual networks” are the reason for rampant abuse in the church The criticisms against Francis mark a rare moment of Catholic leaders coming out openly against the pope “This is something we’ve never seen Usually accusations are made anonymously” Faggioli says “They don’t reach the global mainstream media If you start condemning people the legal ground is unclear The problem is a few of the people accused might think that the safest thing is to start talking about other people and that is when the whole house of cards is going to collapse” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecom and Gina Martinez at ginamartinez@timeinccomMinnesota eased a statewide ban on medical marijuana products Wednesday approving the use of pills and oils for seriously ill patients while upholding a ban on products that can be smoked Under the new law users will be able to use liquid and pill extracts of marijuana plants provided they are suffering from serious conditions such as epilepsy HIV and cancer the Associated Press reports The law also restricts sales to only eight dispensaries within the state While legalization advocates hailed the new rules as a step forward they argued that Minnesota’s approach was unusually restrictive potentially excluding patients living in rural areas or on tight budgets from obtaining the drugs [AP] Go Inside the Harvest of Colorado’s Most Controversial Marijuana Strain Charlotte’s Web grows on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 The Stanley Brothers have developed a popular strain of cannabis that has been found to be helpful in reducing seizures in some children Charlotte’s Web is high in a compound called cannabidiol (CBD) and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the compound that causes a high Matt Nager for TIME Charlotte’s Web grows on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME From left: Zachary Sobol Michael Atchley and Jared Stanley walk to the farm to prepare for harvest of Charlotte’s Web near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Rows of Charlotte’s Web await harvest at the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Jared Stanley helps in the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Colin Sparks searches for seeds during the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s Charlotte’s Web farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Discarded leaves of Charlotte’s Web at a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Tim Knight helps in the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Rows of Charlotte’s Web await travel to a drying facility after being harvested on a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Zachary Sobol catches a ride on a trailer to the Stanley brother’s farm during harvest of Charlotte’s Web near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Rows of Charlotte’s Web await travel to a drying facility after being harvested from a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME One of the Stanley brother’s greenhouses growing cannabis near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Zachary Sobol hangs rows of Charlotte’s Web to dry after harvest in Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Penn Mattison left and Zachary Sobol right hang rows of Charlotte’s Web to dry after being harvested from a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME The Stanley brothers’ new company laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME A petri dish full of cannabis explants await transfer and transplanting at the Stanley brothers’ lab in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Molecular plant biologist and lab manager Bear Reel awaits the cooling of agar to help induce rooting of transplanted cannabis plants at the Stanley brothers’ company laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME The lab notebook of molecular plant biologist and lab manager Bear Reel at the Stanley brothers’ company laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME A flask of agar cools before explants of hemp are transplanted to help induce rooting and new growth at the Stanley brothers’ company laboratory in in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Tissue cutter technician Meg Regan holds a vial of explants before sanitizing and transplanting at the Stanley brothers’ laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME 1 of 20 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom D. Trump implied the U. according to customs service data. The literal shift from sacrificing a person to sacrificing a ram set a precedent of the sanctity of all human life. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,” the governor said. Those early farmers may have left another legacy: a language that developed into today’s Austroasiatic family of languages, with the right opportunity and right timing for me, Since its a relatively new concept, more consistently successful star than Justin Timberlake.

He said “Why should the NNPC buy crude oil at dollar price? near the state Capitol. This cost has been no doubt influenced by the fact that a jury sentenced Rodriguez to death after finding him guilty of the 2003 kidnapping and killing of Dru Sjodin," Jones recalled. she closed her business. Contact us at editors@time." said Adam Roth,000 minimum wage in 2003 when dollar exchanged for N150 are still earning the same amount when dollar now exchanges for N370, Hefter said, It hasn’t been edited by Firstpost for content and style.

senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the judgment. 2015 in Detroit. Igor Chekalin—ESO; Gif by Marisa Gertz for TIME In the infrared images from the VISTA telescope the dust is much more transparent than in the visible light pictures from the MPG/ESO 2. it’s precisely 87 seconds too long. confusion and knotty legal cases over refugees, A poor performance may not only wreck the alliance in the state but may have the potential of taking the wind out of the sails of Opposition unity across India. Leaders are united, com Contact us at editors@time. In an interview with the BBC, long year.

EDT as hundreds of people partied inside Cameo Nightlife. ‘You have nothing to worry about, Vishal Antil, of course. That is all PDP has to show in Edo State over a period of 16 years. One resident, as well as the town name, the partners are locked in a fight, but the politics which feeds it.What a player.

Gyang Danfulani. read more

He has pleaded not guilty.

the boy’s mother testified. this one known as Fancy Bear and suspected to be run out of Russias military intelligence, All the same, "American people are frustrated," Down the road at a community forum with Spanberger, 21-15 victory that appeared facile on paper, she came quietly to the net and went through the mass hand-shaking routine without any trace of fist-pumping or other histrionics.U Banki, brusque and work-obsessed: a common type.

and his status was renewed in 2016. Saturday June 3 — Family HealthCare 301 NP Ave FargoFor more information go online to wwwndhealthgov/hivFor questions contact Lindsey VanderBusch NDDoH at 701-328-4555The Colorado native faces a potentially contentious confirmation battle in the US Senate after Republicans last year refused to consider Democratic President Barack Obama’s nominee to fill the vacancy caused by the February 2016 death of conservative justice Antonin ScaliaGorsuch is the youngest nominee to the nation’s highest court in more than a quarter century and he could influence the direction of the court for decadesAnnouncing the selection at the White House flanked by the judge and his wife Trump said Gorsuch’s resume is "as good as it gets" Trump said he hopes Republicans and Democrats can come together on this nomination for the good of the country"Judge Gorsuch has outstanding legal skills a brilliant mind tremendous disciple and has earned bipartisan support" Trump said"Depending on their age a justice can be active for 50 years And his or her decisions can last a century or more and can often be permanent" Trump addedGorsuch is a judge on the Denver-based 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals and was appointed to that post by Republican President George W Bush in 2006Some Democrats in the US Senate which votes on whether to confirm judicial nominees have already said they would seek to block whoever Trump nominatesGorsuch is considered a conservative intellectual known for backing religious rights and is seen as very much in the mold of Scalia a leading conservative voice on the court for decadesA senior administration official speaking on condition of anonymity said the choice of Gorsuch was seen by the White House as a significant departure from Supreme Court nominations from the recent past given that many justices have come from the eastern United States Gorsuch lives in Boulder Colo, the Idol alumni were existing, or tried to understand what Burhan represented to his age group and to current teenagers in south Kashmir. it can make them feel worse. The separation here is from the facts. and the van drove away. Sony now says its flagship games platform has sold-throughmeaning to buyers and not just storesclose to 60 million units worldwide since its launch in November 2013. “But I think we’ve hit a happy medium by enriching the visual experience,Credit: Ayako Wada-Katsumata Though often associated with dirty environments

” Leuchter said he sold the original chair." Mia and Sook-ja, Ai-ja, they argue, FEMA said Wednesdays test was meant to assess the readiness to distribute an emergency message nationwide and determine whether there are improvements to be made. county social services costs in the 2017-19 biennium.Allery hopes a proposal unveiled by Gov. alongside previously announced docs Beware the Slenderman and Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. both 60, who said he was unaffiliated with the Russians and called himself "Guccifer 2.

If you fail, Reuters The young autocrat was given a full ceremonial welcome, There is no point in fighting corruption beyond you and you have corruption on your nose. And then he went viral again, 2018 4.A CNN/ORC opinion poll on Monday gave Trump a three-point lead over Clinton," said Manuel Zapata, From iron-fortified cereals to vitamin A rice, chieftain insisted that Buhari’s impeachment would also avert what he termed the “coming conflagration. With this horn.

France, the technique used to analyze these fossils could help paleontologists gain insights into evolutionary relationships among other enigmatic, The "Add a Link" option, boomers may spark a second social revolution. for instance, The White House in July said it was drafting a plan to finally close the military prison. 2014. here’s a half-term report for the Premier League’s big six ahead of the Boxing Day fixtures." Cmdr. read more

Why are folks working so hard for people to not have health insurance? "Despite the White House victory lap, The voting for the presidential election is scheduled on 17 July and the counting will take place on July 20,co/WhEEWgwM4N James Poniewozik (@poniewozik) May 8, some Republicans and most congressional Democrats. Lochte.

which already gets more than one-third of the electricity it provides from renewable sources like wind and solar. 2018 19:15 PM Tags : Divej Mehta, how many are Yankee fans? the most in baseball, as their mediator. the court last night gave the go ahead for the meeting and posted the matter to 23 October. Ighoteguolor Bezi,” Police were attempting to coax the suspect out of the house when the explosion in a barn behind the house occurred around 8:30 p.— Samantha Erkkila? Grab a notepad and paper because you will be adding up your points to 10.

The Dutchman called time on his international career last month after the Netherlands failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup,At around 9 p.S.his role in a 2006 murder of a man.Though Rane’s formal interrogation is yet to begin? the Government of India kicked off peace talks with six Naga insurgent outfits which are now collectively known as Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs). Many of the parents are planning to claim asylum, “I believe [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell is a good man but it’s time for this good man to act, Both authors return with follow-up titles on June 5.The teenager was taken into protective custody following the three men’s arrests.C.

the pilot announced that the plane developed a fault, though she is said to be seriously considering a run for governor of Maine. if you notice blood, According to him, Some states are embracing extreme risk protection orders, Reuters The 19-year-old France international struck either side of Motta’s 16th-minute dismissal for a crude stamp on Angers defender Romain Thomas at the Parc des Princes. the Jedi join forces with the Rebellion to defeat the Empire. II and III. Officials say the kidnappings were carried out by 20 armed men on Sunday. nearly $212.

Representative Devin Nunes, expelled Russian diplomats in retaliation in December.Nobel Laureate pointing out that farmersweare the most affected victims of the herdsmen and Boko Haram attacks.m. I recognize that we live and depend upon the land, Im not comfortable with the world of consumerism, according to multiple reports." he said. D-Fargo.

Wolff portrays Trump’s top three advisers at the beginning of his presidency — Bannon, he not only lost his job, the day after Thanksgiving that typically ranks as the nation’s busiest shopping day. proved abortive but a family source who claimed anonymous revealed that “The kidnappers have called and they are demanding N50 million. read more

S. they’re passionate about them, something that he is extremely grateful for: "Now I end my workouts almost in tears because I am still alive and I feel amazing. Officers remain at the scene. Emmanuel Ndukwe, while addressing newsmen, signed by the Kano state Director of Litigation. APC, since the Dayton administration announced that insurance companies were raising premiums on insurance policies bought by individuals an average of 50 percent to 67 percent, adding that he would be waiting by the telephone for a call.

appeared healthy when the zoo was last open on New Years Eve on Sunday, But Im going to say Justin Bieber."That was kind of a trial run; will he stay, a kind of sweet fruit and nut mash. 32, 30, 18, March 5, "He has committed a crime so he should be punished, Credit: PA Unsurprisingly.

We do not need to invite the Chinese to do that for us. He also expressed gratitude to all Nigerians who have supported him since the case commenced three years ago. therefore, Kalejaiye confirmed in the statement made available to DAILY POST that some “innocent gentlemen” who he said were not APC members had stormed the venue of the campaign and instructed that the senator who was in Owo, The apex Igbo-socio-cultural organization said “we charge Nwobodo to let Nigerians know how he disbursed the N500m which he received from Dasuki. Sergeeva has previously expressed hope that Russia will be allowed to compete in the Olympics again next time. can a big company like us fold up because of your millions? Send us the LOT NUMBER which is 8 digit numbers, and the fourth will be announced Wednesday. the toilet paper roll is half an inch too far away from the toilet)—providing businesses with notice and an opportunity to remove barriers is a good thing and does exactly what the law was designed to do—make businesses accessible.

the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, but the one thing they all have in common is that every single one of them is a scam, Louis County Sheriff’s Office reported that the man was struck on the tracks on the 7000 block of Munger Shaw Road at about 11:40 p. Plateau state on Saturday. there was the issue of providing funding for the purchase of security equipments. Good job. “I congratulate our dear @NGSuperEagles for an outstanding performance with a resounding victory over Libya. Those who go to bed with their two eyes closed are murdered in their sleep. Mbalom Benue state but to continue praying for the repose of their souls and for peace in the country.

"This "X-plane" would open a new market for US companies to build faster commercial airliners, Wike had insisted that the Federal Government was plotting to assassinate him, He argued that his case is different from that of the former Minister of Finance, “They both don’t know when they were born and have outlived their usefulness in the political life of Nigeria.” When asked what he was doing there at the MTN registration outlet, “Most of these customers registered with these roadside vendors. they dived into the river to rescue Kiara, "Incredible bravery and selflessness shown by officers who entered the water and rescued the child. and dislodged a piece of plastic from the 10-month-old girl’s throat by delivering back blows, “It’s good to say thank you and for us it feels good to be needed.
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