Download a preview build of Windows 8 tonight

first_imgThis week is the Build conference being held in Anaheim, California. Microsoft is using it as the official unveiling of Windows 8 to the world. Usually, an unveiling such as this is followed with calls for “when can I play with it?” Well, the answer to that question is “tonight”.When Microsoft was desperately trying to make up for the car wreck that was Windows Vista, they decided to release previews of Windows 7 really early for anyone to download and try. It worked really well. Microsoft got loads of feedback with which to improve their next-gen operating system, and anyone interested got a new OS to play with.That same mentality is being continued with Windows 8, and later today a developer preview of the new OS will become available. More specifically, at 8pm PST you will be able to download either a 32-bit or 64-bit ISO from the Microsoft Dev Center website. Which you choose to get depends on whether you are a developer or not: only the 32-bit version will come with development tools.Now we must stress that this is by no means final software, but the presentation currently streaming live on the Build Windows website shows an OS that looks very usable already. Microsoft has also promised to include a number of sample applications for developers to play with.You won’t be able to install this developer preview alongside another OS as it requires a clean install. I take that to mean you can still install it as a virtual machine, however, using software like that offered by VMWare or VirtualBox. Microsoft also intends to roll out regular updates and drivers, so if your install doesn’t work out tonight, keep checking the developer site as next week it may have the drivers you need.For those desperate to see the new Metro style applications and interface first hand, there is no better way to experience it at the moment.Read more at Building Windows 8last_img read more

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